2013 BOM Alternate Layout

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I finally just stopped rearranging and am going to go with one layout. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you're not happy with the provided layout, try rearranging the blocks. A glass of wine helps. :)

Q&A with DaniLovesQuilts

NanaJeanFL asked:
Wow Dani! Love the different layouts. I know just what you mean about the different block sizes. They are challenging. Not sure which layout you decided on. Is it the basket in the middle surrounded by the spools with your fantastic hollow block in the lower left corner? I just love that hollow block - probably my favorite in the whole of 2013 BOM. Did you consider featuring it in the center? Argh! What am I asking!! I'm sure you're all swapped out by now. You've got one great quilt!! Love it:D
DaniLovesQuilts answered:
Thanks! Although I thought this was my final layout, I'm toying with the idea of removing the hollow cube block and moving the log cabins to that area, and making another partial seam block for the bottom middle. I worry that the HC block is too much for the rest of the quilt.
juliegrnts@aol.com asked:
did you decide not to put the flying geese blocks in? I do love the alternate looks...gives me some good ideas....
DaniLovesQuilts answered:
I'm not sure about flying geese. I recently signed up for Jacquie Gering's class and I may incorporate some of her great ideas into the border.
juliegrnts@aol.com asked:
and I love your tumbling blocks!
DaniLovesQuilts answered:
Siodach asked:
What a great arrangement! I'm tempted to try mine like this too . I do like the way the colours of the spools echo the predominant colour of the corner block beside them. ( also well done on the hollow blocks lol) .
DaniLovesQuilts answered:
Thank you! I'm still not convinced that the hollow blocks fit in. BTW, I love your hollow blocks!
judy363905 asked:
Very nice layout...the colors work so well together....can not wait to see your flowers I that fun basket. :) Judy n Phx, Az
DaniLovesQuilts answered:
Thanks. I'm thinking of having some of the flowers on stems extending away from the basket, but I'll need to play with it first.

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