2012 Christmas Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? ANOTHER UFO - DONE!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? When I finished the 'top' (last year) I was disapointed in it because it was 'so busy'. But this year when I got it back out to finish - I liked it! :-) So - sometimes it is best to 'give something a rest' for awhile - and then continue with it.

What you will need

  • This is a 50 x 70" quilt (My Favorite size) - and has wool batting
  • which I like because of the loft it gives.

Q&A with SandiePink

K Lee 2Strings asked:
Wow! This is absolutely amazing! I could look at it all day long and still discover new things. You're right about it already being well quilted, but I know exactly what you mean about wanting to fill in backgrounds. These wonderful Craftsy FMQ classes are making me look at my quilting differently. I still haven't tried a wool batting, but it's on my list for 2013.
SandiePink answered:
Thank you so much 2Strings! I really had a LOT of fun doing it - and as I said, will continue to have fun throughout the year as I add more quilting :-)
Darns asked:
Sandie, you are having way too much fun with the machine applique/embroidery!! This is terrific! Too busy? NO WAY! It's a Christmas quilt - it has everything it should. I need to look at the quilting patterns on my embroidery machine - the border looks great. Was it difficult to fit the pattern to the border?
SandiePink answered:
Thanks Darns! I 'learned' that I need to make my borders wider (top/bottom) in order to 'write' the outline lettering on a 'wave'. But my side borders fit fine. I did top to 'almost' middle - then bottom to 'almost' middle and then 'fit' a middle motif in. :-)
goldcd_2 asked:
Love this quilt. Where did you get the pattern? I would love to give it a try.
SandiePink answered:
Sorry -it is a combination of patterns (If you took 'RePiecing the Past' - you 'learn' how to put uneven sized blocks together with 'filler' blocks :-) )
Starling425 asked:
What a fun quilt.
SandiePink answered:
It was/is! :-)
katereed91045479 asked:
I would love to know the name of the pattern and where I could find it.. please. This is so wonderful with all snowmen !!
SandiePink answered:
Kate - I checked your Bio and you don't have any info on you listed. Do you have an Embroidery Machine

Skill Level