Created by: Richard Healey

1st Puzzle Quilt

You Can Make This

Richard Healey made 1st Puzzle Quilt with:

  • Puzzle Quilt created out of solid fabrics. This was the first try we did at making one. We have 2 autistic boys and puzzles are a symbol for it.

Q&A with Richard Healey

LindaK27 asked:
I love this. This little quilt is on my list of quilts to do this year...I just got the pattern last week and I plan on using up some of my scraps for it. So cute...Great job!
Richard Healey answered:
Thank you much. This is the first of 3 quilts I have made with puzzles. This one was made just over a year ago and donated to my sons school for a fund raiser. He goes to a autistic charter school.
LindaK27 asked:
BTW, I love your border on this..
Richard Healey answered:
I too think that its pretty fantastic. It was one of those neat rare finds in a material store.
Purple Cat asked:
Richard, this is really awesome. Love it. A great quilt to make for those puzzle lovers.
Richard Healey answered:
It is a fun quilt. My kids love it. Too bad we donated it will need to make another one day.
Just J asked:
Did you create this pattern?
Richard Healey answered:
I did create the pattern and have made it 3 times now. It is not a original idea from me though. I have 2 autistic kids and the puzzle piece is one of the things often seen as a symbol in the community. I Google and saw dozens of different puzzle quilts and love them. So using EQ7 a quilt design software I mad the pattern.

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