10-year wedding gift.

Q&A with lapplena

Lilac Quilter asked:
Very eye catching ... a really stunning design!
lapplena answered:
Thank you very much.
Ann Petersen asked:
This is a beautiful quilt, and I'm sure it must be wonderful to have given them this lovely gift!
lapplena answered:
Hello and thank you. It feels good that it's finally finished. Did not dare to do freehand quilting. But it became stitch in the ditch. The couple was very happy and satisfied and it feels great to have done it for them.
KChristine asked:
wow. I love this. did you paper-piece the star points to get them so sharp and perfect?
lapplena answered:
Hello and thank you. I have not sewn with paper piecing. I used the Tri-Recs Tools and stitched with 1/4 inch seam allowance