"Many Paths" ~ First Project

What you will need

  • Thread
  • ribbon
  • sari silk yarn
  • rattail cord
  • embroidery thread
  • machine stitching and quilting.

Q&A with Deanne Del Vecchio

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
I absolutely LOVE your abandonment! This has so much fun energy and motion. Great Job! (I may have to get away from my logical lines myself after seeing your work!) Thanks so much for sharing.
Deanne Del Vecchio answered:
I really got carried away! I remembered your statement about "no such thing as 'too much'" and I took that to heart! LOL! I am now eyeing all sorts of items I have that will become part of a Stupendous Stitching adventure! LOVED the course and I'm creating more projects that I will share ...
eepsers asked:
What is the netting shown really well in the lower left of the third picture? Love it!
Deanne Del Vecchio answered:
That 'netting' is just a piece of scrap fabric ribbon I had laying around. I think it was a bow on a present I received once upon a time. I had no idea why I kept it; until I took this course!