Project Description

What are you most proud of? How well that it turned out, I really like it a lot. I also like the different black fabrics that I chose for the Kitties. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is a very easy one to make. I enjoyed the applique work on this quilt. But, you can also use fusible. I would recommend "Steam a Seam Light 2" or "Misty Fuse" if you will be doing hand stitching. Most of all ... ENJOY.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics
  • cotton thread & floss. Minky for backing

Q&A with Pamillia

gmhnQuilts asked:
wow! this is amazing.
Pamillia answered:
Thank you so very much for your lovely comment. I hope that she feels that way also. Thanks again. :-)
4bird2 asked:
She will love these kitties too. I love the black in this piece, cats are always more active at night.
Pamillia answered:
Thank you 4Bird, that is so very true. I tell our kitties "time to go to bed". Then they follow me into Jim's office & get in their beds. I close the door & go to bed. But, they have a kittie door, so they do what ever they want. Thanks again for your nice comment. :-)
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Simply beautiful! The colors are so clean and bright, the contrasts perfect. I love the nighttime feel of it all and the playfulness of the kittens. Your friend will be so pleased. It should give her great joy to know that you care enough to put this much effort into giving her something so lovely and warm to help her through her difficult moments. You have a beautiful heart.
Pamillia answered:
Dear 2strings, thank you. She is one of those wonderful people that has a beautiful look on life. Thank you so very much for your special comments. :-)
Pam NZ asked:
Oh WOW WOW meow wow! I just love this Pamillia and your friend will too! I love black cats... can't believe the detail in this... look the kitty at the top is washing her paw! Gosh the fabrics look velvety... what fun you've had on this one!
Pamillia answered:
Thank you Pam, yes this was a compeating dream to make this quilt. I really like it a lot. The search for the fabrics was fun, the applique was a delight & now to get a special tag on it, will be complete. Yes, I have watch our kitties do every little thing these are doing. Thanks again. :-)
SandiePink asked:
How very Precious - and Pretty and your colors & Fabric are Great!. Your friend is truly bless to have a friend like you! You did a TERRIFFIC Job!
Pamillia answered:
Thank you so very much Sandie for your lovely comments. :-)