"Ben" 18" x 24" wall hanging

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The whole piece! I made this portrait of Ben, the mule, for his owner totally with thread on a brown background fabric. I utilized the divide and conquer method to break up the background and fill it with contrasting thread designs so that the portrait really stands out on this piece. All the background designs are based on a " diagonal grid; some designs are directly from this course, others I made up to fit the piece. What advice would you give someone starting this project? It's all done one stitch at a time, no matter how complex the piece.

Q&A with AZWendyG

Cindy Needham asked:
Holy Smokes...this is beautiful...it gives me bumps. I wish I could reach thru my computer screen and pet Ben. Very beautiful quilting, You captured Ben's spirit. Congratulations on a quilt VERY well done. :)
AZWendyG answered:
Thank you Cindy. :) This project was really challenging, and jus as rewarding.
karenquiltz asked:
awesome, you came up with some wonderful grid variations! You may be seeing them copied on other people's works soon.... :)
AZWendyG answered:
Thanks Karen; and it's quite fine with me if others want to use what they see here!

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