# 20 Circle of Geese - October BOM

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Developeing 3 different versions. Keeping the geese flying in the same direction for each block. I will be doing 3 different quilts with this block, all for boys. #1 will be a fairly plain quilt. Geese are flying clockwise. #2 will be a fancier quilt. Sports geese are flying counter clockwise. #3 and #4 The geese pop with the dark background, Each block has the geese flying in a different direction. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make sure you have enough material to do enough blocks, for what you want to do with them. I made sure I had enough before starting.

What you will need

  • 1st. Block I used white cotton for geese - Blue cotton for background/ 2nd Block I used cotton flannelette print for the geese - cotton blend print for inner star - plain blue cotton for background/ 3rd and 4th Blocks I used cotton flannelette print for the geese - plain blue cotton for background/

Q&A with HeatherIsaacson

sistertammie asked:
Heather, I do not know any way to get ahold of you other than this. You commented on my layout of my quilt. Yes, I love the diamond layout as you put it, It is called On Point. It is not reccomended for a beginer let me tell you. It was my first one done like that. I love looking at it,as it is beautiful. But if I did not have the help of some very seasoned quilters online I would not have thought of some very important ways this kind of quilt has to be done. I had to make up my own pattern dimmensions, it is not cut and dry like just laying them straight and putting sashing on them. So I would definately look into it a bit before doing this. sistertammie62@yahoo.com is my email if you want to talk more on this. I would be willing to help you through if you do decide to do yours this way.
HeatherIsaacson answered:
I will let you help me with a diamond layout in the new year. I will e-mail a note to talk further.

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