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Introducing a new five-part series that dives into the seams of the colorful quilting community. Five people. Five different perspectives. Endless insight & inspiration.

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Episode 1: Scientist By Day

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Episode 2: From Trash to Treasure

Inner city grit, divinity school, and trash are rarely the components of a quilter's story. That is until you meet Sheri Lynn Wood. A divinity school drop-out working out of her industrial East Oakland studio, Sheri finds beauty where others often don't ... like a city trash dump. In fact, that's exactly where a four-month artist residency would lead her in order to find the perfect materials for her quilts, all down to the backing, batting, and thread. And the episode's available now.

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Episode 3: Wearable Art

Descending from generations of women who learned to sew out of necessity in the segregated south, Rachel Clark has always had a strong sense of identity behind the sewing machine. But when it came to sewing garments, she always found herself missing quilting (and vice versa), a conundrum that would ultimately lead her to combine both passions, sewing clothes using quilting techniques. Believing that clothing is a personal statement that invites people into her orbit, Rachel's eclectic creations are her own way of connecting with others. And now you can connect with Rachel, too, as this episode is available now.

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Episode 4: The Museum Man

On a whim in art school, Luke decided to make a self portrait out of fabric. Some 15 years later, he's now a dedicated quilter displaying his creations in museums and galleries around the country. Not afraid to push the envelope, Luke believes that quilts are the perfect entry point for people into the world of art. And if you thought the interesting part of his quilting story was that he was a man? Guess again. Episode available now.

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Episode 5: Building An Empire

A true self-made woman, Marti Michell created a personal brand long before the internet made it trendy, or even easily possible, to do so. With a push from her family, Marti began building an empire; attending trade shows when women weren't known to work outside the house, developing a quilting tools brand before women were commonly entrepreneurs and pioneering speedy quilting when women weren't encouraged to break the rules. Now with almost 5 decades in the quilt industry, Marti reflects back on the empire she has built and the untraditional route she took on her journey to build it. The episode's available beginning February 1.

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