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The Making of a Solid Collection

Compared to their flashier printed counterparts, solid fabrics might seem like a bit of a snooze. But for our expert fabric designers, that couldn't be further from the truth.

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Fabric by the Yard

Get a better look at our premium quality solids in 30 rich, seamless colors!

Color Play

Learn how prize-winning quilters and top fabric designers create beautiful color combinations with movement, depth and luminosity.

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Collection Round Up

Discover More From Boundless

Designed by quilters like you.

1930's Revival

True to 1930s quilting fabrics, these authentic reproduction prints are great for nostalgic or scrappy quilts.

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Tailor's Tack

These traditional shirting inspired fabrics feature dainty prints in a variety of warm and cool hues. Designed to inspire you to get to work on your next project or pair with stash favorites.

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Chelsea Rose

In exuberant shades of pink, this cheerful assortment of florals is paired with geometric backgrounds and soft pastels for a well-balanced, uplifting palette that brightens up any space.

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Country Blossoms

These country-inspired prints feature an array of rural landscapes and motifs, complemented by a rustic color palette that's perfect for projects year-round.

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Home for the Holidays

Bring them home for the holidays with a collection of classic, hand-painted designs in festive colorways — all sure to help you give Santa a run for his money this season.

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Grande Fete

We recreated the brilliance of the Baroque period with a collection of ornate designs paired with a palette luxe metallics. The result? Instant drama in home decor, holiday projects and more.

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Clair de Lune

Inspired by classic French fabrics, this traditional assortment feels familiar and fresh all at once. The deep blues and gorgeous golds make it perfect for holiday projects, home decor and more.

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Ruby Fleur

Inspired by classic French fabrics, Ruby Fleur features a traditional aesthetic for quilts that feel familiar and fresh all at once. The deep reds and gorgeous golds make it perfect for holiday projects, home decor and more.

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Inspired by the everlasting beauty of a rose garden, the Rosemoor collection pulls from a sweet blend of rosy hues and classic floral prints that pair well with any project.

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Melrose & Vine

Traditional meets modern in the Melrose & Vine collection. Pops of bright, saturated colors offer a fresh take on vintage floral prints, and are sure to stand the test of time.

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Dutch Garden

Capture the soft glow of early morning light with fabrics in the Dutch Garden collection. In muted shades of blue and yellow, these finely detailed prints emulate the look and feel of a true Dutch garden, offering endless design possibilities.

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This artful collection is inspired by the landscape of Indonesia, where batiks are traditionally made. Handprinted organic designs and a full range of contrasting hues add drama and texture to any project.

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The expertly curated colorway bundles of this collection take the guesswork out of color selection. Vivid hues range from light and bright to deep and dark and everything in between, just like the colors of nature.

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Flower Shoppe

A playful blend of old and new, Flower Shoppe is reminiscent of what you’d see in a Parisian flower shop. Fun floral prints and bright, bold colors add excitement and nostalgia to projects.

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Heirloom Bloom

The timeless prints of this collection breathe vintage style into scrappy quilts; versatile enough to mix and match with traditional stash favorites for projects that will delight for generations to come.

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In Bloom

A fresh bouquet comes alive with a contemporary take on florals. The playful fusion of traditional print elements with updated trends make this the perfect palette for infusing color and charm.

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So Sweet

Inspired by a the use of florals in vintage textiles, So Sweet pulls together soft and sweet elements to create a refreshingly light collection. Traditional prints and colors still feel fresh with pops of saturated pinks and greens.

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A fresh spin on the popular design trend, this collection quickly blends bright and muted shades within a color for a glowing movement effect that’s perfect for bargello and other colorwork projects.

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Influenced by classic home decor, the Briarwood collection features botanical designs and a range of timeless color schemes that bring inviting warmth to any project.

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A tribute to the Art Deco design movement of the1920s, the symmetrical prints and gold accents in this collection achieve a luxe aesthetic reminiscent of that glamorous era.

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Civil War

A true civil war antique, the Ocean Waves Quilt was found in York, Pennsylvania and features an eclectic mix of American made fabric collected from the 1860’s-1870’s. It is this quilt, and the idea of taking old fabric scraps and creating “something new,” that ultimately inspired our entire Boundless Civil War collection.

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Distinct yet undefinable, it is the soft, subtle textures that can be used to create maximum impact.

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All the fabric, notions and instruction you need for your next quilting adventure.