Behind Flower Shoppe

One trip to the local flower shop is all it took to inspire this collection. From the fresh blooming buds and delicate petals to the baskets used to carry them, everything felt exciting and nostalgic all at the same time. And the best part? No matter the arrangement, all the prints work together!

Prints Up Close

Get a better look at these cheery floral prints available as yardage in 9 beautiful colors!

Collection Round Up

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In Bloom

A fresh bouquet comes alive with a contemporary take on florals. The playful fusion of traditional print elements with updated trends make this the perfect palette for infusing color and charm.

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Civil War

A true civil war antique, the Ocean Waves Quilt was found in York, Pennsylvania and features an eclectic mix of American made fabric collected from the 1860’s-1870’s. It is this quilt, and the idea of taking old fabric scraps and creating “something new,” that ultimately inspired our entire Boundless Civil War collection.

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Distinct yet undefinable, it is the soft, subtle textures that can be used to create maximum impact.

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Heirloom Bloom

Inspired by the use of fabric scraps in vintage quilts, this collection recalls memories of days passed with timeless prints and designs meant for generations to come.

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Featuring perky prints and cheerful hues, it's the color palette of primaries and pastels that inspires a touch of nostalgia.

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Inspired by the Art Deco design movement of the mid-1920’s, this collection celebrates the luxury and glamour of the era, featuring symmetrical prints and gold accents true to the period.

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