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Organizing Thread on Shelf

Room to Sew: Organizing Your Sewing Room

By Julia Garza

Having a dedicated, organized and inspiring sewing room makes starting a sewing project much more fun. If your dining room table holds fabric and scissors more often than dinner plates and wine glasses, it might be time to think about finding a permanent spot to sew in your home. If you’re starting from scratch, here are a few things to consider when thinking about sewing room designs.

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Sewing Machines: Find the Right One for You

By Craftsy
How to find the right sewing machineBeth Ferrier, expert quilter and Craftsy instructor, shares her advice for quilters looking to purchase a sewing machine in this free video. When it comes to quilting, a sewing machine can be the right tool for the job. So you'll definitely want to make sure it's the right sewing machine! Beth tells you how to pick the perfect machine in this free tip. Read more »

Modern Quilts: Inspiring Projects and Patterns

By Craftsy
Modern QuiltsIn this post, we look at some of our favorite modern quilting projects featuring inventive design and bold color work on Craftsy, and even point you to some fantastic modern quilting patterns in the Craftsy Pattern Marketplace. Read more »

Bobbin Work is Easier Than You Think

By Craftsy
How to adjust machine tension for bobbin workBeth Ferrier, instructor of the online quilting class Machine-Finished Hand Appliqué demystifies bobbin work in this free quilting video from Craftsy. As you'll see, it's not nearly the scary or difficult thing you may have heard. It's something any quilter can accomplish! Read more »

Wall Hanging Quilts: Learn to Hang Your Quilts

By Craftsy
Learn to wall hang your quiltBefore you pin your wall-hanging quilt to the wall with thumbtacks, watch this free video. In it, Beth Ferrier, instructor of the online quilting class, Machine-Finished Hand Appliqué, shows you how to hang your quilts correctly! Read more »

Have You Heard About Zentangles?

By Craftsy
New Quilting Technique: ZentanglesZentangle drawings look complex and intricate, but when broken down they are very easy to do. As a fun, easy to learn meditation type of drawing experience, Zentangles, is an art form that you simply must try! Read more »

Shop Spotlight: Sweet Home Quilt Co.

By Craftsy
Shop Spotlight: Sweet Home Quilt Co.Discover inspirational quilting retailer, Sweet Home Quilt Co., a family-owned business in Conyers, Georgia specializing in fabric, kits, patterns and more. Learn about how this shop got its start in 2005, their Teddy Bear’s Picnic, and why many customers consider it to be a home away from home! Read more »

How to Make Your Own Birthday Cards

By Craftsy
How to make birthday cards You'll love this fun and simple step by step tutorial for creating adorable birthday cards. Join along and make a handful of these at once. Handmade and beautiful. Everyone will love them! Read more »
stitched up four patch

Make Magical Strip Pieced Four Patch Units

By Craftsy
Magical Strip Pieced Four Patch UnitLearn how to quickly make strip pieced four patch units with ease in this free video tip alongside Craftsy instructor Kimberly Einmo. Better yet, this process will work no matter the size of the four patches you're making. Read more »

Shop Spotlight: CityCraft

By Craftsy
CityCraftGet to know more about inspirational crafting retailer, CityCraft, a Dallas based modern fabric boutique and sewing lounge. Discover why this shop is unique, what's surprising about its customers, and its plans the future. Read more »