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Pepper Cory Goes to High School: Young Sewists Learn with Craftsy

By Craftsy
Young Sewists Learn with CraftsySue Way is a high school teacher who knows her students well. So when it came time for her to teach her Apparel II class, she turned to what her students love: the Internet! With the help of her friend Pepper Cory's sewing/quilting workshop at Craftsy, she's teaching these brave young sewists all about the craft! Read more »

Springtime in the Rockies in Quilting Arts Magazine

By Craftsy
Springtime in the RockiesWe're excited that Craftsy instructor Carol Ann Waugh's "Springtime in the Rockies" quilt, which was created using her stitch and slash technique and measures 78" H by 32" W, is showcased in the April/May issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. Did you spot it too? Read more »

Machine Quilts You Don’t Want to Miss

By Angela Mitchell
Machine QuiltsThe late 18th century brought the first electric sewing machine, and since then machine quilting has been on the rise. Machine quilts are durable and withstand the test of time. Here are five eye catching machine quilt patterns for you to check out! Read more »

Quilting Fun with Stencils

By Angela Mitchell
Quilting StencilsIt's time to learn the effective tool that quilters have been using for hundreds of years: stencils. Discover how to use them, from filling in negative space to adding a focal piece like a medallion. Read more »

Quilting Adventures: Stippling and Meandering

By Angela Mitchell
How to Sew LiningStippling is a way of quilting that uses long lines of stitching to create a design on a quilt. It's a fun free form way of quilting for highlighting certain parts of the quilt, or flattening the quilt when used in background areas or around designs and motifs. Today it is very common to see stippling used in another way, as an allover quilting design. Read more »

On Point Quilting: Tips and Calculations

By Lindsay Conner
On Point QuiltingDon't shy away from on point quilting simply because you don’t like dealing with the calculations! Traditional quilt blocks like the basket block and bride's bouquet are designed to be set on point. In all actuality, on point quilting is not that different from quilting with traditional square blocks. Read more »