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The Ancient Art of Batik

By Angela Mitchell
BatikBatiks have been around for centuries. Originating in Indonesia, the earliest versions of wax resistant dying are dated back to somewhere between the 4th and 6th centuries. More detailed finding and documentations date back to the 12th century. The application of wax has changed drastically over the years. It began with hand application through different fabrics and applicators, and now machines are used to apply wax and dye fabrics in traditional batik patterns. Read more »

Eye Candy: Unique Quilts

By Lindsay Conner
Unique QuiltsWhat most of us love about quilting is the uniqueness of each handmade project. No two quilters produce the same results, and each finished quilt holds a story in its fibers! Going beyond the expected, these unique quilts are truly remarkable in their innovation, from the process used in making the quilt to the attention-grabbing end project. Read more »

Free Pattern Friday: Quilts, Crochet, Jewelry & More

By Craftsy
Free Crochet PatternsDelight in a new roundup of free patterns this Friday! From a trendy beach tote to a stylish clutch purse or wire wrapped beach glass and a quilt design wall, you're sure to find a pattern you love. So snag the ones you'd like and be sure to check back every Friday to see our latest batch of fabulous free patterns. Read more »

Card Trick Ensures Coverage!

By Craftsy
Card TrickCarol Doak has a very simple, effective way of not wasting fabric on seam allowances while also making sure you get full fabric coverage for your quilting. It's not magic, though you might think it is when you see this "card trick." Read more »

Shop Spotlight: Remnants

By Craftsy
Shop Spotlight: RemnantsJoin us for another behind-the-scenes peek at an inspirational crafting retailer that we’ve had the pleasure to meet through Craftsy Connect. This week we were lucky to talk with Remnants owner Jessica Sloan, about the challenges and triumphs of owning a quilting shop in Austin, what makes her shop unique, and her experiences with Craftsy Connect! Read more »

How to Easily Remove a Paper Piece

By Craftsy
Remove a Paper PieceSo you've stitched a piece on wrong. Don't worry! There's no need to give or fret over dismantling your entire project! Carol Doak has this very easy troubleshooting tip for quilters who love foundation paper piecing. This fixes your mistakes quickly, easily and without any frustration. Read more »

Featured Paper Piecing Pattern Designer: Sewhooked

By Craftsy
SewhookedWith more than 50 patterns available in her Craftsy store it's clear that Jennifer is absolutely captivated by paper piecing as a medium. Learn more about Jennifer's start, her favorite designs, and her success with running a Craftsy pattern shop. Read more »
#CraftSavvy Tip No. 14: Make threading your machine needle easier by placing a piece of colored paper behind the eye.

Maker Monday: Meet Paper Piecing Instructor, Carol Doak

By Craftsy
Carol DoakWhen it comes to foundation paper piecing, Carol Doak is an expert. That's why we're so happy to have her teaching a quilting class on the subject right here at Craftsy. We sat down with Carol to find out what she loves about the quilting method, and her history with it. Check out the video to learn more! Read more »

Simple Quilting: Ideas for Easy Blocks

By Lindsay Conner
Simple QuiltingWhether you consider yourself a beginner or an advanced quilter, sometimes you’re just in the mood for a simple quilting project. For a quick baby shower gift or just a little therapeutic, relaxing quilting, simple quilts are ideal for their quick piecing and straightforward construction. Here are a few simple quilting designs you're going to love! Read more »

Our April Fool’s Joke: Did You Know?

By Craftsy
April Fools Part 2You might recall that last year on April Fool's Day we released a pasta crafts class to take part in the spirit of tom foolery typically celebrated on April 1st. Well, this year we were back at it, trying to make our Craftsy members smile again. Did you notice we released Foundations of Foil Fashion on April Fool's Day? If you guessed it was a joke, you were right! Read more »