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Enter Our 2018 Quilt Designer Fellowship!

Your own Fall Quilt Market booth, $1,500 cash to build your brand, a new Janome sewing machine, and so much more — that’s what awaits the winner of our third annual Quilt Designer Fellowship!

Quilt Designer Fellowship 2018

We’re looking for designers with a distinctive style and original point of view, and we would love to see your work.

Application details

The application includes a 400-word essay telling our judges about what makes your quilting style unique, examples of how you’ve grown your business, and what winning the Fellowship would mean to you.

In addition, we ask that you submit 4-6 images that represent your work. These can be finished quilts or designs — whatever you think best shows off your quilt design style and expertise. We recommend including a few different projects so that judges can see the breadth of your work.

Due to complex legal restrictions on contests, this fellowship is only open to U.S. quilters.

The deadline for submission is March 5, 2018. The winner will be notified on April 13, 2018.

Apply Now

The prizes

This year’s Fellowship winner will take home:

Judging criteria

All applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Creativity: Fresh, original design aesthetic that encourages and inspires more people to quilt
  • Initiative: Motivation and drive to succeed in business, within the quilting industry
  • Design potential: Overall aesthetic and design marketability

Meet our judges here! 

Let’s celebrate creativity together

At Craftsy we’re all about helping creativity grow, whether your dream is to complete your first quilt — or launch your own quilting business. Our Quilt Designer Fellowship celebrates the next generation of quilting visionaries by helping up-and-coming designers establish professional credentials and gain marketplace exposure.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

Learn more about the Quilt Designer Fellowship 2018 program here.


Tasha McFadyen

Do you require photos of finished quilts or photos of designs, or both? Thank you!

Karen Kelty

Hi Tasha!

Photos of finished quilts and/or designs will be accepted.

Cheryl Yeatman

Do the 4-6 photos need to each be of different pieces of work or different aspects of specific pieces?

Are you looking for patterns able to be repackaged and sold?

Karen Kelty

Good questions, Cheryl!

Ideally, the judges want to see your breadth of work, so it would be beneficial to send in different pieces of work.

And the fellowship prize has been created to support a designer break into the industry – which would ultimately involve selling her/his patterns in the quilting marketplace. While applicants don’t need to have patterns published currently, the fellowship will support the winner in publishing patterns for sale.

Cheryl Matzen

Does the essay have to be 400 words exactly, or may I be short a few words?
Are paragraph markers considered a character?

Currently my essay contains:
394 words
2,298 characters (with spaces)
14 Paragraphs

Are these numbers acceptable? If so, I’ll submit my entry immediately. Thanks

Kristin Doherty

Hi Cheryl,
Sorry for our delayed reply! Those numbers are perfectly OK — thanks for checking and good luck!

Sharon Owens

Will Craftsy be sponsoring designer fellowships in other areas? Although I admire all kinds of quilts, personally, I am not a quilter. However, I do enjoy other types of creative sewing and would enjoy being able to do more in depth study of various techniques in order to produce saleable items.

Thank you!

Debra Schrader

Do you have to have a business to enter the contest. I had to quit work due to back problems. So I started making quilts on my own. Design them myself. No classes taught to me. Just due them in my spare time. I have made some baby blankets for some people that had little ones.
Thanks Debra Schrader

Kristin Doherty

Hi Debra,
This Fellowship is intended to help aspiring professional quilters grow their business; if you aren’t running or starting a quilting business right now, this opportunity might not be the right fit for you. Hope that helps!

Maria Magdalena

I want to apply, but too bad, the competition is limited to a certain area. I hope you will hold it again for the quilter worldwide.


Hi ! I’m disappointed not to be able to participate 🙁 hopefully there will be an opportunity in the future…. ginger quilts from Canada 🙂

LoriAnne Melton

I design quilts with a friend and fellow-designer. We have been doing it together for three years and teach our classes together. May we submit a “joint” entry in both of our names?

roxanne shank

I am from Canada, and my Friends and i regularly purchase from Craftsy! so disappointed that quilters from Canada are excluded from entering.


Very sad Canadian quilters can’t apply.

Carol Buck

My husband and I have had a small business going. I create quits and do design work as well as teach. Following my input, we designed an ergonomic cutting table. It includes a top cutting area in two sizes, a storage pull our for rulers and cutters, various shelves under the table top, and additional “wings” that can expand to give additional work space. The whole thing is on lockable wheels and made of laminate and hard woods. There is nothing like it on the market. Each table is built to the specific height of the quilter. It got a lot of talk when we first introduced it, but we did not have the money to get a full time business up and running. Would the combination of our work be acceptable?

Sherri Williams

Heyy…I put my application in already, but I failed to make copy of it …can u help me get a copy of it? Thx


Very disappointed that quilters outside the US cannot apply. I guess Craftsy assumes there are no creative people outside the United States.

Vicki Hardy

Does this fellowship only refer to piece quilting or can t-shirt quilting also apply?

Hanna Bourque

I was so excited about this! It suits exactly what I’m trying to do. I started my little fledgling company in 2017, I have a whole bunch of designs that I’m working on writing the patterns for, a few self-published, I have a unique style, and I know EXACTLY what I’d do at Quilt Market and how I’d invest to build my brand…
… then I got to the part where you have to live in the states. *sobs*
This Canadian is wishing, hoping, thinking & praying that someway, somehow she can enter in the future!

Connie Lemar

My essay contains about 500 words. Is that acceptable?

Connie Lemar

Never mind. That’s no longer an issue after a rewrite.


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