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How to Keep a Quilt Kit Organized (Tips From Our Fall Quilt-Along )

The bigger your quilt project, the more difficult it is to keep all your pieces in place. That was a big worry for our Canyon Creek Quilt-Along kit, a twin size quilt with multiple blocks and small pieces. The entire first Quilt-Along video focuses on staying organized as you sew, and we’re sharing some of those tips with you today!

“If you’re like me,” says Callie Works-Leary, who leads the Quilt-Along videos, “and quilt in short bursts in your spare time, it pays to stay organized so you can spend more time sewing.”

Step 1: Sort & label your fabric

Label Fabric With Painters Tape

Before you start cutting, sort your fabrics in the order they’ll be cut in your pattern instructions. Then, label them so you know which is which. If you can’t easily identify pieces by color (which sometimes is the case when you’re working with a quilt kit), Callie recommends comparing yardage measurements as a second point of reference.

Step 2: Cut out the entire quilt at once

Cutting Quilt Fabric

Once your fabric is sorted and labeled, cut all the pieces for your entire quilt top at once. That way, even if you only have 20 minutes, all of your pieces are ready and you can get right to sewing.

Putting Quilt Fabric in a Ziplock Bag

As you cut your pieces, put them in zip-top bags labeled with the name of the block or section of the quilt that they go with. That way, you can pick them up and start sewing at any time.

Step 3: Keep ‘em together

Quilt Blocks in Storage Bins

Store finished blocks in one place so you don’t have to waste time looking for them when you go to sew pieces together. Callie likes to use scrapbooking bins. “I put the blocks on the bottom and anything else I’m using for the quilt in there,” she says.

Want more of Callie’s tips?

Grab the Canyon Creek Quilt-Along Kit!

And remember, share your progress photos and get help with your stitches on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #CanyonCreekQAL and #FeelingCraftsy.

Do you have any other tips for staying organized? Share them in the comments section below!


Barbara Falkner

I save the clear plastic bags that sheets and blankets are sold in. They usually have zips to close, and squash down for easy packing.


I also save the clear packages from sheets and bedding. I use scrapbooking plastic storage containers like she talks about in this article.


I know it is efficient to cut all material at once but I am more secure to cut for one block, assemble one block and then measure and make sure I am on the right track. I have heard of many who have cut all their material only to find out they were making a mistake. Making just one block, of all blocks are the same, insures that you are on the right track.


That is what I do and, I will continue to do it. Sometimes I will make my test block from scraps, though. I never cut up all my fabric before making a test block.


Great idea!

Dottie K

Another thing that really helps is to tape a small piece of each fabric next to the cutting instructions. Makes it so much easier and less able to cut the wrong fabric! (Ask me how I know that. LOL)

Quilting Tangent

Yes, more tips!

Sharon Learned

I like to have a finished block as a reference to look at so I can do any chain piecing from there. That way I know what goes where and what attaches to what.

Yolanda Oleary

Take a paper bag and open it up by cutting all the fold lines so you can lay it flat. Cut off the edges to make it square or rectangle. Using your rulers and a marker, draw the quilt block and all it’s lines on the paper. Pin all your fabric pieces for the block in the respective places to match your pattern. Then unpin the 2 fabric pieces as you start to sew the pieces together according to your pattern. You can move the bag with the pieces on it because they are pinned and you won’t sew the wrong pieces together or lose any of them. I even took this system in the car while traveling and hand stitched the pattern without any mistakes. You can also fold the bag or even roll it up until you can get to it again. If you have different blocks in your quilt just do another paper bag for each different block.


I love that suggestion!


I cut squares or rectangles of card slightly bigger than the pieces I’m cutting and slip them in the ziplock bags to keep pieces flat.


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