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Microtrend: Upholstering with Quilts

I love the way that a quilt can brighten up a room. For me, the brighter and quirkier the color choices the better! Whether you like them soft & subtle or loud & proud…quilts are hot.

One trend I’ve been seeing around a lot lately is quilts used to upholster furniture.  In fact, one of our own Craftsy members just uploaded this awesome quilt-upholstered sewing chair:

And… a few of my other favorites:

Upholstered Chair
Crazy patchwork chair

Here’s a very traditional version of this trend:

Antique Store Autumn Display

And here’s a “Cottage-y” version:

What do you think? Is there a quilt – upholstery project in your future?



Dottye Bregman

All of the applications are charming.

Hand Made Knitwear

Love them all! Great use of a quilt instead of hanging on the wall or using on a bed! Love it! I’m a big fan!



I don’t think it’s fair to say “FREE SEWING LESSONS” when there isn’t any free lessons….! I’m going elsewhere….! This site is a joke !


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