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Having been shown how to fold a heart into a book I was instantly hooked. As an avid reader and lover of all papercrafts what could be more pleasing than combining them both into one craft. Better still - folding the book into a 3D sculpture does not damage the book in any way so the reading content remains intact.Once I’d mastered folding hearts I was hungry for more book folding challenges. Having surfed the internet there appeared to be many book folding pictures but very little in the way of patterns (or templates) to guide me through other designs. Whilst everyone appeared to be folding the same heart I’d learnt to fold, there were also a selection of geometric designs and I was enamoured with the ability to fold words into a book which were beautifully crafted by a handful of experienced paper engineers.I wanted to be original with this new craft I’d learnt so I set about creating my own designs and establishing successful patterns for myself to use. Rather than re-create the folded book art seen by others, I chose to fold shapes and objects. The challenge then was to match the object or shape with the topic of the book, especially if I had someone in mind to gift the book to.When you find a craft you love and create designs that others wish to buy, what follows is requests from other crafters who wish to find out how to do what you do. What better compliment than to share the art and make my designs available to others so that they too can enjoy book folding.Most people also contact me and tell me just how much they’ve become hooked on book folding - especially as their artwork becomes the perfect gifting combination!

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