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The Tales Of Beads (51)

The Tales Of Beads

Bead patterns inspired by art and ethnic ornaments Browsing through various beading patterns on this site and seeing a 'handmade item' in the description you might have had a "yeah... right" kind of thought. Well, I have. There are quite a lot of pattern-making software programs, all of them have a 'picture to pattern transformation' option, which makes the life of a patternmaker so much easier. So why not use them, right? I'll tell you why I don't use such timesavers. Frankly, I've tried some of them a few times and got disappointed because some colours were just wrong. So I opened Ai and made my own templates, my own beads with the colours as close to the real ones as possible. That's how I create my patterns. They are truly handmade from scratch. It takes much more time and effort, but who cares if the result is worth it.

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