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The Plucky Butterfly Designs (10)

The Plucky Butterfly Designs

Hi, I am Pam. Mom to 4 boys and 1 girl. I was blessed with a special angel and through him he has taught me many things about life. I ventured off in sewing to make cloth diapers for him and the younger two to help save money. Never realized how much I would love sewing till then. As our daughter got older I began making clothes for her and designing items that were different. Many of my friends loved my ideas and asked for me to share them. I would share most of my simple ideas with them and they loved them. When I designed a skirt for a special child with special needs everyone begged for that pattern. So, here I am sharing my ideas and designs with you now. I hope you find the things I create simple, yet cute and easy to assemble. I enjoy being different and creating unique designs. Most of all, I enjoy seeing children smile from my creations. Thanks for allowing me to share my ideas. You can also find me on

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