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I´m crazy tough Czech farm mom who very loves her family and poor farm home... My name is Ludmila (Lidka) and I´m called Popelka=Cinderella.I found the courage and strength to go towards a better future after I lost my old job... It was very hard time in the last 3 years and we still hope we will get over that all...I´M OPEN TO LEARN NEW THINGS AND CRAFTS.I LOVE PEOPLE WHO ARE OPEN TO LEARN NEW THINGS AND CRAFTS.My patterns are made by my own designs - always included tens of detailed photos with description "step by step" - useful for beginners.I VERY thank The God / Universe for my creative soul that gives me new possibilities how to try to save my family... Any sold item helps my family in our hard economy situation after I lost my old job...Love Lidka

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