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Melankalia's Pattern Store (5)

Melankalia's Pattern Store

Crafting is intrinsic to my family. Everyone does something (or several different things), but we are, as a whole, a pretty crafty lot. Some of my earliest memories are of watching my grandmother knit and crochet (and sew, quilt, bake, and garden…). As a very young child, I’d watch with utter amazement as she produced giant blankets, mittens, and countless scarves out of seemingly nothing at all. I was fascinated with the quickness of her hands, and how the yarn would twist and turn through her needles as if having a life of its own. At age eight, when I asked my grandmother to teach me to knit, I had no idea that I was kickstarting what would become a never-ending crafting obsession. In the years since, I’ve taught and/or demonstrated in several different mediums, but I’ve yet to find a craft that I don’t have some interest in learning. Here in Southwest Ohio, I am fortunate to be virtually surrounded by parks and old cemeteries where I can usually be found wandering, taking entirely too many photos, and often scribbling random notes for later creations. My designs all have a basis of inspiration gathered from nature or geometry or both (I have a bit of a thing for moss, rocks, hexagons and spirals, in particular).When I was a child I thought the entire crafting process was sort of magical. Honestly, all these years later, I still do. When you can start with sticks and string; paper and glue; seeds and dirt, and make anything……how could I think any different?

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