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Little Yarn Friends (9)

Little Yarn Friends

Hi lovely people! I’m Rachel, living in sunny Singapore. A lover of artsy-craftsy things ever since I was a kid. I was introduced to the art of “Crocheting” in September 2011. It wasn't long before I got myself hooked to this amazing hobby! I call the “Crochet hook” my Magic Wand because it transforms simple ball of yarn to cute little yarn friends! (Also known as Amigurumi)I am a self-taught crochet-amigurumi artist. Each individual creation starts from a random thought, inspirations from the things around me or a request from a friend. Crocheting and crafting soon became an essential part of my life as I finally realised how much I love creating and making these ideas come alive! I also realised how therapeutic and relaxing it is. Soon, I've also started creating my very own littleyarnfriends patterns which I share them here as well as on my website.I'm excited and I can't wait to meet, share and learn from all of you, amazing crafters! So many of you are such great inspirations to me.Come join me as we embark this journey in the creation of these little friends as well as the little adventures with them. May “Little Yarn Friends” bring smiles to your faces and help bring some positivity and love into your lives, especially on those days when you need it most. Feel free to leave your comments and feedbacks. Do join us on our website, Facebook page and Instagram too. Thanks for dropping by.Crochet with Love, Rachel H

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