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I am Kristie Hubler, artist, product designer, pattern maker, & owner of http://fabricatedframes.com My how to / tutorial, with photo & text, step by step instructions, for making fabric photo frames, fashion jewelry brooch pins / buttons / badges, & house shape kitchen potholder / hot pad / oven mitts, are available to follow on http://fabricatedframes.blogspot.com & http://kristiehublerartistproductdesignerwithfabric.wordpress.com I am also an author, of the how to plus pattern book, "Fabricated Frames: Instructions On Making Fabric Photo Frames" available on lulu.com/spotlight/fabricatedframes and http://www.amazon.com/Fabricated-Frames-Instructions-Making-Fabric/dp/0557327792 You can find my sewing and no sew, fabric, & paper craft download printables here on Craftsy at http://craftsy.com/user/2496069/pattern-store from $1 to $10. Fabricated Frames washable fabric picture frame sewing pattern and tutorial was featured in Sew It Today magazine, issue 11, August / September 2014 issue, out on newsstands, titled "Framed", featuring Fabric Editions / Fabric Loft "Trapeze" collection, chevron and large medallion. Their fabric, is available in Target. I am the owner of http://fabricatedframes.com with products, sewing & craft pattern download printables for washable, sewn, fabric picture frames, holiday / Christmas tree ornaments, costume jewelry fashion brooch pins, kitchen oven gloves and house shaped kitchen pot holders, plus Yorkshire Terrier and pug jackets and bellybands. Many pieces of art that you see, that you can print onto June Tailor brand, washable, colorfast inkjet printer fabric sheets, found at JoAnn Fabrics or junetailor.com, has also sold on bedding, rugs, ornaments, stockings, non fabric picture frames, wine stoppers, shower curtains, curtains, diaper bags, 70" round tablecloths, runners, scarves, jewelry, cases, bags, sleeves, pot holders that I don't make, neckties and tie clips at http://cafepress.com/profile/KristieHublersCafepress As well, the art has also sells on kitchen towels, ornaments, ribbon, plates, fabric, cut and sew fabric crafts, binders, pacifiers, lampshades with bases, postage at http://zazzle.com/fabricatedframes You can also buy custom fabric with my art in repeat and/or scattered pattern OR cut and sew crafts at http://spoonflower.com/profiles/fabricatedframes - my Queen of Hearts crown tiara scattered repeat pattern at http://spoonflower.com/fabric/1371922 is a favorite! Also, my fabric is available at Zazzle.com at http://zazzle.com/fabricatedframes/fabric for repeat patterns or cut & sew crafts like photo frames, brooch pin jewelry, house shape kitchen pot holders, oven mitts, and ornaments! Lastly, I am now venturing into paper crafts, making cards, and the printable downloads for my cards are here on Craftsy, to make yourself! Try my brooch cards, several card downloads, with a pattern to print onto inkjet printer fabric to make TWO Eiffel Tower pointillism, fabric fashion jewelry brooch pins, which can also embellish a gift, or home decor, shoes, etc. THANK YOU!

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