Emerging Creatively by Kimberlie Kohler (14)

Emerging Creatively by Kimberlie Kohler

I'm Kimberlie Burkhart Kohler. I want to help you creatively express yourself through making jewelry.I believe that art and craft holds one of the keys to happiness. Even if you haven’t expressed yourself creativity since you were young, it's still inside you. Today is the perfect day to emerge creatively.I have been a jewelry designer for years, selling mostly eco-friendly and funky jewelry. I’ve sold my jewelry all across Pennsylvania at craft shows, stores and in my own retail space in downtown Lancaster, PA.My biggest inspiration is nature and I also find inspiration in the old and abandoned items that people leave for trash. I’m interested in innovative ways to make jewelry, not just the regular, traditional ways. I don’t think you have to spend a fortune to express yourself through your jewelry pieces.http://www.KimberlieKohler.com

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Get your first class for only $14.99

Get your first class for only $14.99