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Boomer Beanies (50)

Boomer Beanies

HI!!!Before I talk about myself I want to tell you how encouraged and inspired I am by you all! Thank you for supporting this business and giving me advice. I am a stay at home mom and served in the United States Air Force. I was in 2 years when I met my husband (In Okinawa, Japan) who was also enlisted in the military. We both got out and moved back to Oklahoma (I'm from Iowa) we got married a year later and then 3 months later found out we were expecting our first baby boy. He is now almost 3 and when he was 1 we found out we were pregnant with our second boy who is now 8 months old! I love my little family 3 boys and myself is fun, but I "escape" to my yarn for some peace and quite. My business started when my 2nd son was 5 weeks old he was going to go get pictures taken and I wanted him to wear something cute that I always see in all those pictures. I knew how to crochet but didn't know any "trick" or "techniques" So I began getting so many compliments on the bear hat I made him It just fell into place. I decided since I was filling all these orders for months with out patterns it was a MUST to start designing so that's what I did!With your continued support I have kept my focus and designed like a mad women I started mid February designing and 2 months later I had 42 patterns out and selling! thank you thank you thank you!!! Nicole Thompson Boomer Beanies

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