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Big Gurl Cloz (4)

Big Gurl Cloz

I like to create and upcycle or recycle all kinds of stuff! I just don't like to put useful things into the landfill. So I create plus size patterns and clothes for people and create doll clothes/patterns so I can use the remnants. I will also use the the smaller scraps for private personal pouches and other accessories. They can be found at (this will take you to Etsy) I have also created a new fabric WASHABLE HAND HELD FAN! You can find it at This fan is durable and made to be kept in your purse so you have it when you need it. I love hand fans, but didn't use them because they were so fragile, BUT NO LONGER! You can take the spines out and wash it! Soon you will be able to add custom embroidery - OOOO!

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