Wedding Cake Wednesday: Whimsical Cakes

Whimsical wedding cakes are wonderful. In case you’re fuzzy on the meaning, “whimsy” is defined as something with “a quaint or fanciful quality.” In wedding cakes, whimsy typically translates as a cake that is traditional enough to please a crowd, but with a little something — call it a touch of magic, a subtle sense of humor, a flicker of wonder — that makes it shine in a special way. Admittedly, this definition can be somewhat vague, but trust us, when you see a whimsical wedding cake, you know it. It is simply luminous.

Need proof? Here’s a collection of wonderful whimsical wedding cakes to inspire some whimsy in your personal cake decorating practice.

They serve as proof that whimsy can be attained by any number of ways: color, shape, or style — but that it’s always bound to delight.

Whimsical colors

Wedding Cake with Blue Frills

Photo via Whipped Bakeshop

According to Zöe Lukas of Philadelphia’s Whipped Bakeshop, this cake took inspiration “from a black and white papillon sleeve dress from the Courrèges 2014 fashion collection.” Modern, high- fashion details paired with romantic ruffles, pearls, and flowers made from fondant makes for a chic touch of whimsy on this lovely cake.

Learn techniques for dressing up your own cakes with couture-inspired stylings in the Bluprint class Fashion Inspired Fondant, taught by popular instructor Joshua John Russell.

Green Cake with Floral Decor

Wedding Cake via Bluprint member Cake Decor

The gorgeous sugar flowers on this wedding cake were perfected by Bluprint member Cake Decor during the Bluprint course Handcrafted Sugar Flowers. But it’s the eye-catching green color scheme that adds a healthy dose of whimsy to this cake. Fondant-topped layers and delicate flower buds become like delicate fairy food when rendered in enchanting chartreuse.

Pink Square Cake with Orange-Hued FlowersPhoto via Whipped Bakeshop

While the tiers of this cake give it a formal vibe, the vibrant colors and square shape make it fun. Sugar daisies, which are like a starburst blossoming from the top of the cake, prove that sometimes, the whimsical nature of a cake can increase its happiness quotient.

Whimsical shapes

White Tiered Wedding Cake Topped with Fondant Floral Stem

Photo via Bluprint member Confe55

This cake looks like a lovely, traditional cake, but shifted a little bit. The “flush” alignment of the layers on one side makes you look twice at this cake, and gives a classic white fondant topped cake new life. It’s a bit of whimsy delivered as a whisper rather than a shout, and is both eye-catching and thought-provoking.

Topsy Turvy Cake with Sugar Flowers Running Up Side

Photo via Bluprint member Claire Carousel

What makes this wedding cake whimsical? Is it the scalloped pattern of fondant flag banners? Is it the delicate cascade of pastel sugar flowers? The piped border? Is it the teacup on the top of the cake? Or is it, perhaps, the cake’s topsy-turvy alignment? Perhaps a bit of all of these aspects add up to a slightly irreverent but awfully fun cake.

Learn how to take your cakes in new directions like this in Richard Ruskell’s Topsy-Turvy Cake Construction class.

White Tiered Cake with Gold Embossing and Details

Ivory Gold Packages via Bluprint member lisascakes

Precise layers of fondant, decorated to resemble perfectly appointed gift parcels, are rendered whimsical and fun thanks to a topsy-turvy alignment. Here’s a cake that will draw many an appreciative glance from wedding guests.

Whimsical themes

Tiered Green Textured Cake with Zipper Detail

Fashion Cake Unzipped via Bluprint instructor Joshua John Russell

From three sides, this looks like an elegant square cake with a quilted pattern. But the front of this cake features a sweet secret rendered in painstaking fondant and gum paste detail: a zipper revealing an extraordinary rose interior. Like unzipping a particularly chic fairytale, this cake is enchanting and beautiful.

Cake Shaped as Aspen Tree

Paper Birch Tree Cake via Bluprint member DBL Laura 1

Declaring love by marking initials on a tree is not a new concept. But rendering the scene by cleverly configuring cake layers to resemble birch bark and hand-painting a bride and groom’s initials adds a sweet sense of whimsy to a cake that is stacked to look like the cutest stumps you’ve ever seen!

Woodland-Themed Wedding Cake Topped with Bird's Nest

Woodland Wedding Cake via Bluprint member Max9680

When it comes to wedding themes, birds are nothing new. But here’s a sweet and fresh approach to a classic theme. Tiers of cake topped with buttercream are “antiqued” for a textural finish that resembles the bark of a birch tree, and slender branches adorn the upper layers, leading up to nesting birds. This makes for a sweet and whimsical cake that certainly conveys a message of sweet love.

What is the sweetest whimsical cake you’ve ever seen?

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