The Bold and The Beautiful: Wedding Cake Trends of 2014

One of the key parts of our jobs as cake decorators is to keep our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground for new trends, looks and innovations every year. The industrious wedding season is definitely a great opportunity and time to implement some fabulous on-trend ideas into your collections. With this in mind, here are some gorgeous show-stealing trends that we’ve taken a note of when keeping up with latest cake fashions!

Discover some incredible wedding cake trends of 2014…

Gorgeous Statement Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Photo via Bluprint member Alex Narramore

Statement designs

Statement wedding cakes can vary from elaborate bas-relief adorned tiers to an otherwise plain cake bedecked with waves of bold sugar flowers! One things for sure, when it comes to statement cakes their job is to pretty much steal the show and the above creation certainly is an attention grabber!

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Hand-piped and framed high-fashion cake

Photo via Bluprint instructor Joshua John Russell

Gold glamor

Using gold and other metallics is a sure fire way to add a wonderful touch of luxury and decadence to a gorgeous wedding cake. Recently we’ve spotted so many fantastic gilded wedding cakes online, in various magazines and at trade shows too. We love the gold-painted, hand-piped frame that lends a wonderful antique feel to the above cake.

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Fondant frills with Moth orchid

Photo via Bluprint member ModernLovers

Romantic ruffles

Delicate fondant ruffles have been a popular choice for wedding cakes for the past few years and luckily this look doesn’t seem to be on it’s way out. We love the softness of the edible frills that cover the bottom tier of the above cake; plus the gold edging is such a great and subtle way to incorporate another wedding cake trend!

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Lambeth Sampler Cake

Photo via Bluprint instructor Wendy Kromer

Vintage lace

Utilising lace on wedding cakes is always a popular choice and every year this design element stays firmly on the wedding cake trend list. Lace designs are a great way to add detail and a touch of personalisation to a cake. We love seeing lace adorned wedding cakes that have thoughtfully incorporated details from dresses, linens or even filigree embossed place cards! A terrific vintage technique, the Lambeth method, has been getting quite popular once again and creates some dramatic lace-inspired effects!

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Romantic gold sequins cake

Photo via Bluprint member Sockrrus

Stunning sequins

One of our favorite trends is the glimmering sequin covered cake! What a fun yet luxurious way to decorate a wedding cake. This style not only incorporates the trend for gold and metallic painted cakes, but adds texture, interest and a wonderful quirkiness to the end design!

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Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cake

Photo via Bluprint member Woody77

Rustic influence

Chic yet rustic influenced styling is gaining popularity in the wedding industry especially when it comes to the all-important wedding cake. From fruit adorned naked cakes to textured buttercream this subtle yet stylish trend is perfect for weddings with a romantic carefree feel.

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Black Brown & Gold Cake

Photo via Bluprint member IcedbyKez

Dark hues

Dramatic black and dark fondant cakes began making a popular appearance in our trend forecasts for the year. We love this unusual and quirky look and think that darker cakes are perfect for both intimate settings and grand receptions. They also suit being paired with some other current trends such as gold painted accents, sequin cakes, soft lace and statement cake designs! We also think darker and bolder palettes would be perfect for fashion influenced styles too.

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Zigzag Drip Motif Cake

Photo via Bluprint instructor Allison Kelleher

Modern chic

Whilst sleek chevron patterns are still popular in the wedding cake industry they’ve given way to a host of geometric styles and designs. One up and coming trend is for the mosaic or patchwork technique which creates crisp and clean finishes and edges.

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Creating wedding cakes certainly is challenging. however, it is also exciting incorporating new ideas, innovative styles and show-stopping design inspiration into your latest creation. Always keep a look out for creative new ideas, influences and looks in the industry to keep your collections stunning and on trend!

What’s your favorite wedding cake trend of 2014?

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