Need Wedding or Bridal Shower Cake Pop Ideas? We’ve Got One Tailor-Made for You!

Cake pops are an appropriate sweet for any kind of occasion, even for an extravagant wedding. I am always sketching and thinking of ways to do things differently than what you’d expect from your initial thought of cake pops. Here’s a new, awesome and elegant wedding or bridal shower cake pop idea that’s as delicious as it is beautiful. Tailor these cake pops for your wedding event!

White cake pop dresses

Cake pop wedding dress sketch

The wedding dress cake pop!

Wedding dress cake pops would be perfect for a bridal shower, wedding reception, or both! Tailor it to your event! I’ll teach you how to make it two ways; dressed down for a more casual event, like a bridal shower luncheon or dressed up and fancy for an evening reception. All you’ll need are different sticks and some added detail to make one or the other.

You’ll need some cake pop dough that’s ready for shaping.

Cake pop dress portions

Creating the wedding dress cake pop base

Step 1:

This cake pop calls for one plus one fourth portions of cake pop dough. Scoop and level two portions and roll into balls as a starting point.

Step 2:

Use a knife to cut one of the balls into quarters. Set the three of the quarter pieces aside. These smaller pieces are for the top bodice part of the dress. The other ball will be for the skirt.

Shaped cake pop skirts

Step 3:

Form the ball into a bell shape using your flat work surface, by pushing the sides in and applying pressure downward toward as you rotate the ball of cake pop dough. Have fun with the bottom edges! Turn them out slightly, give them a frill or keep it simple and straight.

Cake pop bodice

Step 4:

Next, roll the bodice piece into a ball and then into a small log. Use a knife to split the log from the top end to about one-third of the way down. Using gentle pinching motions, form each cut side into a pointed sleeve as you gently push it outward.

Also, gently flatten out the front and back of bodice area so it’s shaped less like a log and more like a flat torso. Flatten the bottom end by gently pushing it down onto your flat work surface.

Step 5:

Now, refrigerate your shaped pieces for the amount of time it takes you to melt your white candy coating and gather your other materials, like sticks, wax paper and resealable bags for piping.

If you need help with melting and thinning candy coating, let this tutorial on dipping cake pops be your guide!

attaching bodice to skirt

Step 6:

Remove the dress pieces from the refrigerator and let rest at room temp for a couple of minutes. Dab candy coating on the bottom end of the bodice and quickly place it on to the top of the skirt. This will adhere the two pieces together. Do this for the remaining pieces.


Now choose your liking! For which type of event are these being made?

Decorating your cake pop

Event #1 – dressed down and casual

You’ll need:

  • Lollipop sticks
  • Melted white candy coating
  • Styrofoam block or cake pop stand
  • Sprinkles, if desired
  • Resealable sandwich bag for piping, if desired
inserting sticks into cake pops

Step 1:

Dip a lollipop stick, about ⅓” into the coating, pushing it into the dress from the bottom end, about ½ to ¾” into the dress form. Repeat this step for the remaining pieces.

Step 2:

Dip the dresses into white candy coating, let the excess drip off and place on the cake pop stand to dry. If the use of sprinkles is desired, create a piping bag using a corner of a resealable sandwich bag and melted candy coating. Cut the tip of the bag and pipe and sprinkle the areas desired.

Event #2 – dressed up and extravagant.

You’ll need:

  • Wooden swizzle sticks cut down to 1½”
  • Confectioner’s glaze
  • Melted white candy coating
  • small spoon or popsicle stick
  • wax paper
  • Sprinkles, if desired
  • Resealable sandwich bag for piping, if desired

cut wooden swizzle stick

Step 1:

Cut the wooden swizzle sticks down to 1½”. Dip the cut end into confectioner’s glaze to seal the wood and let dry completely.

Step 2:

Dip the wooden stick, about ½” into candy coating, then push into the dress from the top end, making sure to insert it into the middle of the sleeves, keeping about ¼” exposed. Repeat this step for the remaining pieces.

wedding dress cake pops

Step 3:

Lay out some wax paper. Holding the wooden ball part of the stick, carefully dip it into the candy coating. You will probably not be able to submerge the entire dress into the bowl, so use a small spoon or popsicle stick to scoop and carefully pour the candy coating over the sleeves. Carefully shake the excess off and gently place upright onto the wax paper and let dry completely.

Step 4:

Once they’re set and dried, pipe swirls or other designs along the skirt, add a sash, bows, sprinkles or any other edible “accessory” to match the wedding detail.

I’d love to see the dresses you make! What kind of detail will you add to your wedding dress cake pops?

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