Make A Vintage Cake With a Stylish, Modern Twist!

Vintage is always a crowd-pleasing direction when it comes to cake decorating. It lends itself perfectly to sweet treats and carefully decorated tiers due to the often subtle and romantic color schemes and stylish motifs! Sometimes, it can be a little hard dreaming up a vintage inspired design, but with our quick and simple¬†tutorial you’ll have a chic cake in no time!

How to create an easy vintage inspired cake

How to make a vintage cake

Materials and tools needed:

  • Fondant iced circle cake
  • Royal icing
  • Edible glue
  • Edible lustre dust or paint
  • Food safe paintbrushes (to add the edible glue)
  • Large ball tool
  • Small ball tool
  • Pre-made edible teacup
  • Pre-made sugar flowers
  • Fabric ribbon
  • Edible sugar pearl sprinkles

Step 1:

Vintage cake tutorial by Juniper Cakery Pink Cake

If you want to add a pretty ribbon trim along the bottom of your iced cake, do it now!

Tip! The style of ribbon that you add to your cake can really help create a luxurious modern, yet vintage look. We used a wide, pale grey, velvet ribbon and kept it simple without adding a bow. Trendy metallics and textured grosgrain styles are also a great idea!

Step 2:

Vintage cake tutorial with a modern twist

It’s so much easier to add sugar pearls to a fondant iced cake when you first map out their placement. To do this, use a large ball tool to make indents for larger sized pearls, and a smaller tool for smaller pearls. By indenting your cake, you’re going to create spaces for each pearl to sit. This means they’ll be much more stable.

Tip! The placement of your pearls is pretty important for achieving a modern twist on your vintage cake. Make them dense and then gradually scatter them outwards (like an ombré effect, but with texture).

Step 3:

vintage cake tutorial with a stylish modern twist pearls

Next, we’ll place the glittery, edible sugar pearls in the indents that you made in the previous step. This will create a jewelled effect, and add to the vintage vibe of this design. To attach, apply a tiny amount of edible glue on each pearl beforehand.

How to decorate a vintage modern cake by Juniper Cakery

Tip! Try using a variety of shapes to get a more interesting and playful look. We used a mix of 6mm and 4mm white sugar pearls.

Step 4:

How to create a modern take on a vintage teacup cake

To attach the teacup to the top of your cake, add a small blob of melted white chocolate in the center of the cake. Then, place your saucer onto the chocolate. Apply a little more chocolate onto the plate where the bottom of your edible cup will sit. Finally, attach your teacup!

Step 5:

How to make a pretty vintage cake by Juniper Cakery

Once your edible teacup is in place and has set, you can add your sugar flowers to the cake. We perched a blush pink magnolia on the side of our design!

Tip! Undecorated space helps add a more on-trend look to any cake, so play around with arrangements!

If you’re super limited on time, you can use a real china teacup. Make sure it doesn’t weigh too much so that it won’t squish your cake, and be sure to wash and dry the teacup thoroughly before attaching.

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