8 Unique Embroidery Patterns: Scientific Stitching

As far as unique embroidery patterns go, science is definitely a theme that gives you plenty of unusual, eclectic options. I’ve done my research and discovered eight of the most unique science embroidery patterns available.

Get your goggles on and needles out, we’re talking science embroidery!

Cross-stitch of the solar system on black aidaPhoto via Craftsy member HugsAreFun

Solar System Cross-Stitch Pattern

Space, who wouldn’t want to go there? Imagine the peace and quite! It is safe to say most of us won’t quite make it beyond the earth’s stratosphere, so this cute solar system cross-stitch might just have to be close enough! Stitched onto black Aida, I think that some glow-in-the-dark threads would top this pattern off perfectly. If framed, this would make a great addition to any aspiring little astronauts room!

Embroidered outline of a green beetle
Photo via Craftsy member Kelly Fletcher

Anatomical Beetle Pattern

Entomology – the study of insects. If touching creepy crawlies just isn’t your thing, maybe an embroidered version would suit you better. Kelly also has an Anatomical Bee and Anatomical Dragonfly, which combined together in a triptych would look flawless and will certainly cause a buzz!

Anatomical human heart in cross-stitch
Photo via Craftsy member SeamstressErin

Anatomical Heart Needlepoint Cross-Stitch Pattern

Certainly not for the faint hearted, this needlepoint cross-stitch by Ph.D student, and self proclaimed mad scientist, SeamstressErin would be a unique artwork for any doctor or anatomical pathologist. If an anatomically correct heart is too much to pallet, Erin also has a pattern for a less graphic Anatomical Leg.

Molecule structure of caffeine in cross stitch in a hoop frame with text caffeine makes me normalPhoto via Craftsy member ActsofCraftines

Caffeine Molecule Cross-Stitch Pattern

I bet most of us can relate to this one. This caffeine molecule cross-stitch is just what the doctor ordered for any science or coffee fan. If you prefer a more natural form of jubilation, ActsofCraftiness also has molecule patterns for Adrenaline and Serotonin.

Redwork embroidery of flowers inside a heartPhoto via Craftsy member Betsy Lewis

Hearts & Flowers No.1 Redwork Pattern

Botany, the sweeter side of science. This redwork pattern from Betsy Lewis would work fantastically in black as a botanic style illustration-turned-embroidery. The heart frame adds a finishing touch that reflects a love for this branch of science.

The word THINK inside yellow boxes against a blue backgroundPhoto via Craftsy member pxlpwr

Think – Periodic Table Cross-Stitch Pattern

Pxlpwr has brought together all the right elements for this periodic cross-stitch pattern. Clean cut and bold, this pattern will make it hard for you to keep your ion anything else!

Hand embroidery motifs of lab instruments with happy faces
Photo via Craftsy member Wendi Gratz

Happy Chemistry Embroidery Pattern

This sampler from Wendi Gratz encapsulates all the things we think about when the word science is mentioned – beakers, Bunsen burners and the periodic table. It’s a simple but effective pattern that any stitcher can easily adapt to their own needs. As Wendi suggests, why not take specific motifs and stitch them onto a lab coat or shirt pocket?

Cross-stitch pattern of famous scientists as cartoons
Photo via Craftsy member Cloudfactory

I Love Science – Scientists Pattern

Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton , Marie Curie and Nikola Tesla are just a handful of great scientists from history. Cloudfactory has brought them together, along with some invaluable advice from Einstein, in this super cute cross-stitch pattern. If you love science, or know someone who does, then this collective will certainly inspire.

Inspired, but not found the perfect pattern yet? Why not join Which type of science buff will you be stitching for?

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