Make a Triangle in a Square Quilt Block Using Quilting Rulers

Did you receive any new quilting rulers over the holidays? One of my tools is the Tri-Recs ruler set designed by Darlene Zimmerman for EZ quilting. Today I want to show you how easy it is to make a triangle in a square quilt block using the Tri-Recs tools.

Tri Recs rulers

The Tri-Recs ruler set is available in the Craftsy supplies shop.

The Tri-Recs set is very versatile. It is a set of two different triangle rulers that can work together or separately to create a variety of unique quilt blocks. The wider ruler, called “tri” can cut triangles up to 6″ finished. The companion ruler, called “recs” easily cuts half-rectangles without having to fuss with any complicated math.

Here’s how to make a triangle in a square block with Tri-Recs tools:

Step 1.

Cut your triangle fabric strip in any size width up to 6 1/2″ (the strip width will indicate the unfinished block size). Place the tri tool so that it is away from the edge of your strip. Line up the strip width with the corresponding line on the ruler. Trim the strip on both sides of the triangle.

tri-recs cutting cloth

Photos by Craftsy member ChristaQuilts

Step 2.

Flip the tri tool upside down and trim to cut your next triangle. Keep cutting until you have enough triangles for your desired project. This shape works best with non-directional fabric. If using directional fabrics, allow more yardage so all triangles can be cut the same way.

upside down cut

Step 3.

Cut your half-rectangle fabric strip the same size as your triangle strip (6 1/2″ in this example). Fold your strip in half so that you will be cutting two pairs of half-rectangles at a time (left and right). Trim the left edge of the strip and place the recs tool on the strip, matching up the indicated line on the bottom of the strip. Trim along the right side of the ruler to get two half rectangles.

Be sure to trim the tip of the triangle so that it has two blunt edges. This will aid in matching points later.

tri-recs cutting half rectangles

Step 4.

Flip the recs tool upside down to cut the next pair of rectangles. Continue cutting pairs until you have one pair for each triangle.

flipped half rectangles

Step 5.

Lay out a left and right half-rectangle on either side of the center triangle. Notice the position of the blunt ends on all three pieces.

laying out cut pieces

Step 6.

Sew each half rectangle onto either side of the center triangle. Match up the blunt end of the background triangle with the edge of the center triangle as shown below.

matching up blunt ends

Press seams open or away from the darker fabric. Now you have a triangle in a square block.

pressed seams

Sew blocks together to create an original quilt design or add a trunk to create a Modern Tree block!


Modern Trees Quilt by

What’s your favorite quilting ruler?

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