Adorable Animal Crochet Hats for Kids: Trend Alert!

Now that the holidays are over, the kids are headed back to school. In addition to backpacks, they all seem to be wearing something in common: crocheted animal hats! It’s certainly a hot new trend for the little ones, as evidenced right here on Craftsy where many of the crafters in our community have been busy crocheting animal hats for children of all ages. We’ve highlighted some of these wonderful crochet kids hats and crochet baby hats below—all of which pay homage to some very cute animals.


Elephant Hat
Craftsy user jennyandteddy just put us in a good mood for an entire week with this adorable baby crochet elephant hat.

Giraffe Hat
Craftsy user Sara852003 crocheted this perfect baby giraffe hat.


Monkey Earflap Hat
Kids: they will monkey around. How fitting then, is this crochet monkey hat for kids, made by Craftsy user MicahMakes.

Panda Bear Hat
A crochet panda bear hat like this, made by TampaBayCrochet, begs the important question: These are okay for adults to wear, right? Because we REALLY want one.


It’s not just on Craftsy where you’ll find animal crochet hats; check out the great examples on Pinterest! If you’d like to get in on the crochet animal hat fad and make some of your own, we have you covered. Take the online Craftsy class, Crochet Beyond Rectangles to learn a whole new (and fun) world of crochet.

Owl Hat
Craftsy user christine59724 was wise to make a crochet owl hat this good looking!

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