Traditional Wedding Photos: Top 5 Must Have Wedding Portraits

When you think of traditional wedding photos, portraits of the bride and groom flanked by family members standing on the church steps often come to mind. These types of compositions are classic, and no modern day wedding would be complete without a series of formal family photos. Whether it be on the church steps or in a country meadow,  as traditions go, it’s a good one! They might not be the most creative or spontaneous set of images in your wedding album, but they certainly hold a sacred place in every family’s chest of keepsakes.

So I think we can all agree that some of the most time-honored wedding photography occurs during the formal family photos, but what about the rest of the day? Here’s a list of my top 5 traditional wedding photos, that your wedding photographer should be sure to capture. There are so many special moments during a typical wedding day that it was really difficult to narrow them down.

Top 5 time-honored wedding photos you must capture on the big day!

Bride Walking Down the Aisle
Photo via Hazelwood Photo

#1: The bride as she walks down the aisle

As a wedding photographer, this is one of the most high pressure moments for me. It’s crucial that I am in the best position possible to capture the bride as she walks down the aisle.  This is the first time many of her guests and family members will see her in her gown, so all eyes are on her. Suffice it to say, this tends to be a very emotional moment, and I’m always sure to get the grooms reaction.

Moment at Wedding After the First Kiss

#2: The bride and groom at the alter

A must-have wedding portrait is the bride and groom at the alter.  It’s paramount to get the first kiss, but sometimes my favorite images are the ones that come immediately after the first kiss like this one!

Candid Wedding Party Photo

#3: The entire wedding party

Who doesn’t love a wedding party with a little personality? It’s important to capture the traditional bridal party photo, with everyone in a row smiling at the camera, but I find when I give the group something to respond to it makes for much more interesting portraits. In this shot, I asked the couple to kiss and watched as the party reacted with their natural smiles.

Intimate portrait between the bride and groom

#4: A romantic portrait of the bride and groom

This is the type of image that really sums up the day for a couple. It’s so essential to schedule time away from all the family and friends for a little alone time so the bride and groom can truly focus on each other.


Bride and groom first dance

#5: The first dance

It’s interesting to see how wedding traditions are changing. It used to be pretty standard for a bouquet toss and perhaps even a garter toss to be the last event at a wedding reception. While many couples are sticking with this tradition, I’m finding more and more couples are less interested in the wedding tosses. The first dance, however, remains a wedding standard.

Well there you have it: Our list of the top 5 traditional wedding photos! If you want to learn even more tips and tricks for wedding photography, check out the Craftsy classes Wedding Photography: The Romantic Portrait Session and Master Wedding Photography: Posing the Family.

Do you agree with our list? Tell us your top 5 wedding portraits in the comment section.

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