Showcase Your Style: Top Embellishments For Sewing

While your handmade garments are always special, sewing embellishments onto them makes them into true works of art. Our favorite embellishments have a lot to do with our personalities, so today I’ve rounded up the top sewing embellishments of the moment, perfectly tailored to your individuality and unique personality!

The Minimalist

Sew tiny pom-poms onto sheer fabric for a fun look!

The Minimalist’s wardrobe is all about simple elegance.  Most of her pieces tend to be neutral-colored, and embellishments are kept to a minimum. She uses texture instead of loud colors to make her outfits pop.

Minimalist designer Wes Gordon made an amazing sheer shirt for his Spring 2014 collection that appears to have dimensional polka dots. In the photo above, I mimic that look by sewing tiny black pom-poms to a sheer blush chiffon. The result is reminiscent of swiss dot fabric. It’s unique and fun without being over the top, the perfect minimalist embellishment.

The Daring Diva

Photo via JillySui

The Daring Diva is a fashion risk taker. She doesn’t subscribe to any fashion rules because rules are meant to be broken! Not one to shy away from a bold statement, she knows that studs are not just for motorcycle jackets anymore.

Craftsy member JillySui uses studs along with turquoise stones to embellish her beautiful “Naughty Secretary Skirt.” Her embellishments draw attention to the perfect fit of the skirt and make a bold statement against the chartreuse satin.

Stones and studs are not only wildly popular right now (just search Pinterest, they’re everywhere) but they are also fun to install! My favorite kind of stud comes with prongs that you can poke through the fabric and then bend in to secure it in place. And, Daring Diva that I sometimes am, I don’t even use a thimble to protect my thumb.

The Romantic

Photo via BienAimeBeloved

The Romantic loves to show off her femininity, with delicate accents like flowers and lace. She uses texture and color to achieve her desired look. Craftsy Member BienAimeBeloved sewed this hot pink flower on a plain tank top and the result is nothing short of stunning. Check out her Fabric Flower Patternso you can learn how to do it too!

The Refashionista

The thrift store is a great place to look for beading.

The Refashionista has an eclectic style. She loves a treasure hunt and can often be found at her local thrift store. She doesn’t have time to sew each individual embellishment by hand, so she searches for “pre-loved” embellished clothing. She can quickly cut off a beaded neckline from a thrift store find and sew it to her handmade shirt. Shh, don’t tell anyone her secret! What looks like hours of beading work only took her a few minutes.

Photo via CoudreMode

Looking for more ways to embellish your garments? Bluprint Instructor Natalie Chanin has a course called Hand-Embellishing Knit Fabric that is sure to satisfy your need for beads. You’ll learn how to use embellishments to turn any garment into a work of art, like this navy bolero piece from Craftsy member CoudreMode. You might also enjoy our post on cording.

Don’t fit into any one category? Me either! Tell me, what embellishment is your favorite?

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