The Midnight Quilt Show Season 1

Say hello to The Midnight Quilt Show, a YouTube series that celebrates late-night stitches, taking shortcuts and sewing in your PJs! Each week, host Angela Walters will bring you a quick and quippy breakdown of a brand new quilt… wine not included.

Town Square

This four-patch variation with cornerstones is the talk of the town! Watch Angela as she plays with color and dot-to-dot quilting.

Master the paring knife as you learn to easily core a jalapeño, tomato or cauliflower and zest an orange then learn how to cut down butternut squash and pineapple as you tackle a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Strip City

Believe it or not, this quilt is only made of straight seams! Watch it “unfold” as Angela conquers the Strip City pattern with Boundless blues.


Quilting just got better. Join Angela in her first episode as she stitches up her exclusive variable-star quilt design.

Solar Flare

Rainbows come out after dark when Angela whips up a rainbow lone star quilt!

Rail Fence

What happens when a rail fence meets a log cabin? Angela Walters’ modern, lush batik quilt, demonstrated here!

Laurel Wreath

Angela brings you her laurel wreath quilt, the perfect excuse to showcase your most prized scraps and highlight it all with gorgeous free-motion quilting.

Bonus Downloads:

Variable Star Quilt Pattern

Strip City Quilt Pattern

Laurel Wreath Quilt Pattern

Town Square Quilt Pattern

Modern Rail Fence Quilt Pattern

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7 Responses to “The Midnight Quilt Show Season 1”

    I’d really like the pattern for the Solar Flare Rainbow Star. It is missing from the list of patterns

  2. rachelell21019502

    Hi! I constructed the Town Square quilt and it came out great. Now I want to try out some free motion quilting on it. Is there an illustration that shows the quilting Angela did here? Is so hard to catch on the video. I figured out the triangles she did but I can’t tell what she did in other sections of the quilt. I’ve made several quilts but this is my first time trying out free motion on one!

  3. Crystal King
    Crystal King

    Can you show the back of the quilt too please? Do you do the special stitches only to the front or all the way through with the batting as well?