Thank You For Helping Us Keep Over 2250 Kids Warm This Winter!

Wow! It seems like just yesterday that we sent out our first call for contributions of hats and blankets to our Keep a Kid Warm project.  (Read the original blog post here.)  The first few hats dribbled slowly in, package by package.

Week by week, the collection grew.

 …and grew

…and grew!

Josh Scott, one of Bluprint’s founders, was so moved by your generosity a few weeks ago that he wrote his own blog post to share his amazement.  His post expresses what a lot of us are feeling here at Bluprint…we are so glad to know you, and so glad to be part of the Bluprint community!

We’ve so looked forward to your packages every day, and we have loved seeing your wonderful, creative donations and reading your heartfelt notes.  We’ve kept every note and every address label, and will pass them all on to the charities.  Some of you even sent in photos of yourselves!

We’d love to keep hearing from you and opening your packages!  If this charity work has become as much a part of your life as it has ours, please continue to make and send your hats and blankets.

Keep a Kid Warm
2150 West 29th Ave.
Fourth Floor
Denver, CO, 80211

We are truly honored to be the ones to take your hats and blankets to the respective charities and donate them in your names, and will continue to do so for as long as you continue to send them in.

Thank you, Bluprint members! You are really an amazing group of kind, caring, talented people.

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