How to Create Textured Crochet Stitches + Can’t Miss Texture Inspiration

When I want to add texture to my home, I grab my crocheted or knitted blankets and throw them on my couch. When I want to add texture to my wardrobe, I grab my crocheted cowl or knitted sweater. Crocheting anything is always going to create a great textured fabric…but sometimes you need more. Yes, we are going to talk about adding texture onto texture and it’s going to be lovely!

Check out some drool-worthy crochet texture!

Beautiful Crochet Afghan Pattern

Grenoble Matelasse Afghan by Bluprint member Priscilla’s Crochet

We are going to talk about how to create ridges and take a look at post, bobble, puff, and popcorn stitches.

Texture #1: Ridges

Ridges can be created a few different ways but the two most popular ways are by working single crochet rows into the back loops only (abbreviated blo) and with post stitches.

Working single crochet rows in the back loops only creates a great texture and the really nice thing about using this technique is that the fabric has a lot of stretch to it (nice!).

Handwarmer and Bootcuff crochet pattern

Brooklyn Finglerss Mitts by Bluprint member CrochetDreamz

Posts stitches are amazing and can be used in so many ways (we’ll get to that) but they can also work great when you want to create ridges in your crocheted fabric.

Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Eyelet Ridges Baby Blanket by Holland Designs

Texture #2: The Post Stitch

Post stitches are created by working around the post of your stitches rather then under the front and back loops of your stitches. To work a front post stitch you work a stitch around the post of your stitch, pulling the post out on the side facing you. To work a back post stitch, you work around the post, pulling the post out on the side facing away from you. The post stitch is something that you’ll need to have in your crochet back of tricks so if you haven’t worked this stitch before then definitely check out this youtube video from TheCrochetSide HERE.

With post stitches you can create this beautiful little blanket. This is the diagonal Basket Weave Stitch and it looks amazing. I want to touch it!

Diagonal Weave Blanket Crochet Pattern

Diagonal Weave Blanket from Crochet by Jennifer

With post stitches you can create CABLES! Could texture get any cooler than cables?

Cable Coffee Cozy Crochet PatternCrochet Cable Coffee Cozy by TTB Patterns 

Texture #3: The bobble and puff stitch

The bobble stitch is made with a double crochet stitch (or taller stitch) by working several incomplete double crochet stitches into one stitch and then joining them at the top.

Example Bobble: Work 5dc’s into one st, leaving the last step of each dc undone. You should have 6 loops on your hook. To complete your bobble, yo and pull through all loops on your hook.

A Puff stitch is made the exact same way only it uses half double crochet and creates a smaller ball of texture.

Beautiful Bobble Blanket Crochet Pattern Alexa’s Colorful Crochet Baby Blanket by HanJanCrafts

Texture #4: The popcorn stitch

The popcorn stitch looks similar to the bobble stitch but is created differently. To create the popcorn stitch you work several complete stitches (usually double crochet) into one stitch and then gather them together with a stitch.

Example Popcorn: Work 5 double crochets into one stitch, carefully remove your hook from the 5th st and insert it into the first of the five double crochets. Now grab the floating loop from your 5th double crochet and pull it through the first.

You can use these popcorn stitches in some fun ways. You can use them to spell words on your afghans or create wooly texture for a lamb hat (awe!).

Beautiful Crochet Afghan Crochet Pattern Forever Pattern by Color & Shape Design

Lamb Hat Pattern

Lamb Hat Pattern by Sweet Kiwi Crochet

Sweater Patterns You’ll Love!

Sweater Crochet Pattern

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  1. Alysha Wilcox
    Alysha Wilcox

    I am currently working on the Grenoble matelasse afghan for a friend who had purchased the pattern through the blueprint website. I was hoping that you still had the pattern with video tutorial, I am having difficulty working together parts of the pattern that a tutorial video would be beneficial with assisting me through completion as this is for her elderly mother.

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    Need pattern help on Grenoble purchased from Craftsy. The joining instructions don’t make sense. I was never answered when I emailed my question before your change in name.