How to Turn Your T-Shirts Into a Keepsake Quilt [Video Tutorial]

Can’t bear to get rid of your T-shirt collection? We know how you feel! We’re sharing this tutorial so you can hold onto every memory with a custom T-shirt quilt.

In this video, expert quilter Angela Walters walks you through creating your own quilt step by step. There’s even a free pattern included, so choosing the tees you use may be the hardest part…

Gather your favorite T-shirts, watch below & download the free pattern to get started!

It doesn’t matter if your tees match — the memories they bring are the most important.

tshirt blocks

Sewing knits can be tricky, but Angela’s interfacing tips will help your quilt stay sturdy.

ironing seam

Personalize your quilt with free motion designs, but don’t stitch over the appliqué.

quilted tshirt block

Customize this pattern to make any size quilt you want.

Remember to share your work in progress using the hashtag #craftsyWIP!

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  1. drdrmoody5056889

    Download to free pattern & supplies is not working.
    My membership ends soon and I would like the information prior to that time.
    Thank you.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Customer,

      Patterns are still getting added to the site. I apologize for the wait.

      Thank you.

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      Customer Service

      Hello Nancy,

      Thank you for contacting us. Our free content on the site is still getting added. I would check back in a couple weeks. I apologize for the wait.

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  2. Carolyn Iloff Gomez
    Carolyn Iloff Gomez

    The link to the how to turn your t-shirt into a Keepsake quilt free pattern does not work

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello, we are still working on loading content onto the site. If a link or download is not working for you, please attempt your access again in a few weeks. Thanks!