Quiz! What Kind of Sweater Knitter Are You?

How do you approach your sweater knitting? Some knitters like to take their time and enjoy the process, while others prefer to power through and finish as many sweaters as possible. Some knitters barely get through the first few rows before they’re off to another project! Take our quiz to find out what type of sweater knitter you are.

What Kind of Sweater Knitter Are You?

Procrastinator Knitter

You like the idea of knitting sweaters, but once you choose the yarn and knit a few rows you put off getting started. The thought of knitting up those dozens of skeins makes you feel stressed out and overwhelmed.

Power Sweater Knitter

You power through those sweaters like a stitching champion, always finishing one sweater before you start another. And the fit? If it’s not right, you fix it.

Wandering Sweater Knitter

You love browsing Bluprint and dreaming of all the sweaters you could make. Cardigans, pullovers, tees — they’re all on your to-knit list, and many of them are UFOs sitting in a basket near your couch!

No-Swatch Knitter

You love knitting sweaters, but you hate the prep work. Yarn choice, gauge swatching — these are of no concern to you until you try on the sweater. Oops!

How many sweaters do you have in progress right now?

Just one, but I started it a few years ago.

Just one. I don’t like to have more than one WIP sweater at a time.

I’m not sure. I don’t really like to think about it!

A few, but I’m not crazy about the yarn and how they look so far.

How do you choose yarn for your project?

I mull over several different choices for a long time before I make a decision.

I swatch a few yarns that I like and try to match the gauge of the sweater pattern.

I knit several different swatches, but I find it takes me a while to choose. There are so many possibilities!

It doesn’t take me long to choose. If I find a color I like or fiber that feels great, I go for it!

How long does it typically take you to knit a sweater?

A long time. Sometimes I never even finish them.

Not long. I only work on one sweater at a time so that I can finish it before I begin a new one.

I have several sweater projects in rotation at once, so it takes me a little longer to finish each one.

I can knit the sweater quickly, but I often have to rip out because of mistakes.

When buying yarn, you prefer to:

Buy enough yarn for a sweater when you see one you love, even if the yarn sits in storage for a while until you can knit the sweater.

Only buy more sweater yarn when you’re ready to start a new sweater project.

Buy enough yarn for several sweaters at one time. Why pass up a good sale?

Buy the yarn you like, even if you’re not sure if it would be great sweater yarn. You’ll give it a try just because you love the color and fiber.

When you make a mistake on a sweater, you:

Put it away and wait for the day when you can bear to look at it again.

Fix the mistake and move on.

Put the sweater aside and work on something else for a while before you go back to the mistake.

Keep knitting and just cross your fingers that no one notices.

When you finish a sweater, you:

Finish? That rarely happens!

Wear it or give it to someone as a gift.

Put it in storage until cold weather rolls around again, since it usually takes all season to finish one.

Put it away and try not to think about the fact that it doesn’t fit.

After finishing a sweater, how long until you begin a new one?

Another year, if I’m feeling motivated.

I start a new one right away.

I always have other sweaters in progress, so there’s always another sweater to work on.

I might take a short break in between, especially if I’m frustrated with the way the previous one turned out.

What did you get? Let us know in the comments! Have a friend who loves knitting sweaters? Share this quiz with them to find out what type of sweater knitter they are, too!

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