Fight the Frizz With Knitted Summer Hair Accessories

The humidity of warm weather is a nice change from the chilly temperatures, but getting your hair to cooperate with that humidity can be a real pain.

When your hair misbehaves in winter, it’s easy enough to pop on a stylish hat to cover it up. But in summer? Not quite as easy. When it’s too hot to wear a hat, you can still add a little touch of knitting to your hair that will add some style — and fight the frizz of the sweltering humid day.

Warm-Weather Hair Accessories

Just when you’ve given up on fighting hair frizz, you can take the focus off hats and instead embellish your hair with knitted headbands, bows, and hair clips.

Daisy Hair Clip knitting pattern

Photo via Amanda J Berry

Daisy Hair Clip

This hair embellishment can be glued to practically any hair clip. Knit up three or four daisies and glue them in a row on a barrette or attach them to bobby pins as pictured here.

Lacy Head Wrap knitting pattern

Photo via mclaughlin174280

Lacy Head Wrap

A nice warm-weather alternative to hats is a head wrap. Use a cotton yarn if you really want to make the wrap breathable. It’s the perfect accessory for those summery bohemian-style outfits.

Toriione Hair Bun Maker

Photo via Toriione

Toriione Hair Bun Maker

Have you ever tried the sock bun? This handy pattern can produce the exact same effect, minus sacrificing one of your favorite socks. Use a soft yarn that will glide through your hair more easily, preventing breakage. Not sure what type of bun this bun maker will result in? Check out the link below to see a few examples.

Turban Knot Headband

Photo via haloopajoop

Turban Knot Headband

This headband can be worn all year round. You’ll want to scoot it off your ears for summer. In winter, you can make a second one that has a fleece lining.

Bow Head Headband knitting pattern

Photo via girlyknits

Bow Head Headband

This headband can be knit in the round or flat. Beginners can feel confident about tackling it, as there’s a three-part video to cover knitting the headband.

Dutch Girl Headscarf knitting pattern

Photo via knitgrrl

Dutch Girl Headscarf

When I first learned how to increase and decrease my knitting, I spent a lot of time knitting triangles that later turned in to headscarves like this one. Make yours even more unique with ribbons and buttons for embellishment.

Knitted Flower Blooms knitting pattern

Photo via nicola3498654

Knitted Flower Blooms

Get three variations on a bloom with this pattern. These are meant to be an embellishment that attached to totes, scarves, and other accessories, but you could also glue a hair clip on the back and turn it into a fascinator.

Perfect Knit Bow knitting pattern

Photo via Torrione

Perfect Knit Bow

If you don’t want to go full bow headband, this pattern is a good alternative. There are four bow sizes included in the pattern, so you can choose how bold you want to be.

Do you abandon hats during warm weather? What do you knit instead?

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