Know Your Sugar Flower Brushes

Nicholas Lodge is one of the foremost gum paste artists in the world. The sugar flowers he creates from sugar paste are absolutely stunning, earning him high praise throughout the industry. He joins Bluprint as an instructor, teaching you his methods, and sharing tips for cake decorating and sugar flower construction and embellishment. In this free video tip, Nicholas explains the two different types of brushes he uses for coloring sugar flowers, and how (and in what situations) he would use each. Enjoy!

Hi, I’m Nicholas Lodge, an instructor with Bluprint. I’m going to share with you a tip on using brushes for sugar flowers.

Now, brushes come in many styles and shapes and sizes. Generally for sugar flower making, I use two types of brushes, a round brush and a flat brush. A round brush is perfect for when you’re dusting a flower. So, for example, when you’re dusting something like a rose, and you want to put some color into the center of the rose, this is an excellent type of brush to use for this application. These are just soft, synthetic craft brushes. This is generally what I would recommend for dusting flowers.

And then when we are going to do a flower where we want some color on to the edge of the petals, we can use a flat type of brush. So then using the brush from the outside to the inside, this will give you the color just on to the edge of the petals.

So this is really how you correctly put the color on to the edge of a flower like a carnation or an orchid. So these would be the type of brushes I would recommend you use when you’re doing this type of flower.

So if you’ve enjoyed this tip, check out my online cake decorating classes on on sugar flowers. I’m Nicholas Lodge.

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