Get More Out of Your Mixer With These Stand Mixer Recipes

Do you only use your stand mixer to make cookie dough? There’s so much more you can do with it! This powerful kitchen tool can be used to create way more than just dessert, and these stand mixer recipes prove it!

Stand mixer recipes

Awesome sweet and savory stand mixer recipes

Your stand mixer can be used to make dishes from morning until night, including breads, pizza dough, sausage and pasta. And of course, it’s an invaluable tool in making dessert!

These stand mixer recipes show how your mixer can do the “heavy lifting” in culinary projects both sweet and savory.

Birthday Cake Slice1. Birthday Cake Recipe

It’s no secret: one of the classic uses for your stand mixer is to make light, fluffy cakes. From start to finish, your mixer is an integral part of the process, from creaming butter and sugar to make an airy base to competently and quickly incorporating dry ingredients. Then, when it’s time to ice the cake, your stand mixer can help you easily make light, fluffy buttercream to top the cake.

Homemade Butter Made in a Stand Mixer

2. Homemade Butter Recipe

Did you know that you can use your stand mixer to make butter? It’s true. Homemade butter is an impressive and delicious addition to your cooking repertoire. Simply put cream in your mixer and mix it until whipped cream forms. But don’t stop there — keep on mixing until the solids separate from the liquid. Strain, and you’ve got homemade butter.

Meringue Kisses

Orange meringue kisses via Gale Gand

3. Meringues

Everyone knows that you can use your stand mixer to make whipped cream. But have you ever used it to make meringues? The process is quite similar to making whipped cream, but but you use egg whites instead of cream.

Whipping the egg whites in your stand mixer with the whisk attachment allows them to attain lofty, airy heights. Your meringue mixture can be the basis of many delicious recipes: with a bit of nut flour, it can become macarons; with a little sugar and/or flavoring, it can become simple meringue cookies, as shown above, or pavlova.

Check out the Mastering Meringue: Techniques and Treats for plenty of recipes!

Hawaiian rolls

4. Hawaiian rolls

Stand mixers are helpful in making breads, as they take out some of the grunt work of kneading and mixing. A dough hook attachment can knead and manipulate the dough to the perfect consistency, so that you can have a perfectly stretched and primed batch of dough without breaking a sweat.

Cheese pizza

Cheese pizza via alkaabial1340722

5. Pizza dough

Your stand mixer and dough hook can create restaurant-quality pizza dough. Kneading your dough with the dough hook results in perfectly pliable pizza dough that is ready to be stretched and topped with your favorite pizza makings.

If your recipe doesn’t mention a dough hook but does mention how long you should knead by hand, here’s a simple rule of thumb: Knead any pizza dough in a stand mixer using your dough hook for about 2 minutes less than the amount of hand kneading time required.

Pasta in stand mixer

Spinach pasta via Jeanne Kelley

6. Restaurant-quality pasta

Making homemade pasta can be as easy as combining a few simple ingredients. But even the most humble homemade pasta recipe can be fancied up when you run it through the pasta attachment on your stand mixer. The pasta attachment makes it easy to create a variety of professional-looking, uniform noodle shapes, from fettuccine to lasagna.

Learn how to make pasta at home with the Homemade Italian Pasta.

Homemade sausage

7. Homemade sausage

A meat grinder attachment on your stand mixer means that you can make sausage at home. Homemade sausage is fresh, contains no suspect ingredients, and tastes amazing. You’ll become a domestic goddess to all of your friends when you tell them you made your own meat for the main dish; you never have to tell them that the meat grinder attachment did most of the work for you.

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