9 FREE Sewing Patterns to Stitch for Spring

Spring Sewing FREE Pattern collection

Let spring bloom with these FREE patterns!

I don’t know about yours, but my house looks really sad when winter slowly morphs into spring. I feel like I need to add splashes of color here and there to make it look happier. Since I can’t afford to fully re-decorate my house at each change of season, I find creative ways use fabric (even scraps!) and thread to add a bit of color to my home.

These 9 FREE spring sewing patterns are sure to add a bit of fresh color to any space!

Two Lucky Cats Pincushion cuff

Photo via Bluprint member Two Lucky Cats

1. Pincushion Cuff

Make this felt pincushion to wear around your wrist and make spring bloom in your sewing room. Or, gift it to a sewing friend to make a smile bloom on her face!

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Patchwor kPosse Spring Flowers on a stick

Photo via Bluprint member Patchwork Posse

2. Flowers on a Stick

Is it too soon for having flowers blooming on your flowerpots? While you wait, sew some flowers on a stick — you only need some fabric scraps, a little bit of interfacing, some thread, stuffing and a bamboo skewer for each flower you want to sew. Et voilà! 

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Sweetbria rSisters Bloom where you're planted Sewing pattern

Photo via Bluprint member SweetbriarSisters

3. Bloom Where You’re Planted

Every home needs at least one inspirational piece to showcase a thoughtful quote, and this 3-D 4″x6″ piece of art is just perfect for spring! The embroidered quote is made using back stitch, and instructions and templates are provided for the felt flower. Hang it in any room that needs a bit more personality!

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FrocksandFrolicks Easter Basket

Photo via Bluprint member Frocksandfrolics

4. Easter Basket

This easy felt bag is great to work on with kids, who can help decorate the bag following their personal taste. Te designer suggests using textile glue to put it together if the kids can’t yet use a sewing machine. If you, like me, are not a fan of having raw edges, you can always line it and bias-finish the handle holes.

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Stacey Byrne Spring Showers Pillow

Photo via Bluprint member Stacey Byrne

5. Spring Showers Pillow

Here’s a different perspective on spring: rain! Flowers need water to bloom, so they really love when it rains. I really am in love with this whimsical appliqué template, and I can see it being used for more than just a pillow! The pattern includes instructions for creating the pillow (with a zipper), and appliqué is made easier by using Heat N Bond before you topstitching in place with a zigzag stitch.

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Ribbon Bugs Sewing Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Patchwork Posse

6. Ribbon Bug Plushies

These little bugs made of fleece and ribbon are too fun to be left out of my spring collection. I can see several of these tiny cuties hanging at the windows, using fishing line, to add that sprinkle of color. You could also add a ribbon and ring to make them into a keychain.

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thestitchingscientist Flower Shaped Pillow

Photo via Bluprint member thestitchingscientist

7. Flower-Shaped Pillow

This 15″ flower-shaped pillow would look great on my couch. I think it would look even better if paired with some smaller ones, too, made by printing the pattern scaled down (I would try with a 75 percent and a 60 percent for variety).

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Miss Cinty Giant Flower Pillow applique

Photo via Bluprint member Miss Cinty

8. Giant Flower Pillow Appliqué

This easy project with a Scandinavian vibe would make a great first project for anyone just starting to sew. It includes an easy felt appliqué tutorial, with links to other tutorials about how to make a zippered pillow and how to create pompoms two different ways.

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Photo via Bluprint member Mamma Can Do It

9. Emma Flower Pattern

An adorable headband pattern for a little girl in your life. This free pattern includes a step by step tutorial and fabric recommendations. 

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