The Great Divide: 9 Trendy Split Appliqué Designs to Try

Split appliqué designs are very popular right now. They are so extremely versatile, too. You can add a person’s name or other personal identification and even a sentiment, like “Welcome.”

Ready to give this fun technique a try? Here are some inspiring split appliqué designs that will help you get started.

Curlz Split Applique Alphabet Set

Photo via Bluprint member Pickle Pie Designs

The Ultimate Monogram

A monogram becomes something spectacular when you combine text with the alphabet. Highlight a beautiful fabric with coordinating thread and a fun font for a one-of-a-kind personal statement.

Get the monogram design >>

sports split applique

Photos via Bluprint member Appliqué Geek

Sports Fanatics

Stitch up sports appliqué designs and either add player names, player numbers or team names. These are perfect gifts to stitch for sports enthusiasts of all ages.

Get the basketball design >>

Get the soccer ball design >>


Photos via Bluprint member Hug Longer Digital Designs

Teacher’s Pet

Because split appliqué designs can be personalized, it makes them extremely useful. These designs would work for personalizing items for both teachers and students, like shirts, totes or room banners. Stitching with glitter vinyl gives extra appeal.

Get the apple design >>

Get the pencil design >>

split heart fleur de lis applique

Photos via Bluprint member Appliqué Geek

Sentimental Statements

Not all split appliqué designs have to feature a person’s name. It can also show a favorite band or superhero group. The fleur de lis would be ideal for a garden flag that says “Welcome!” or even “The Henrys.”

Get the heart design >>

Get the fleur de lis design >>

Island Split Applique Embroidery

Photos via Bluprint member Appliqué Geek

Clean Break

Not all split appliqué have horizontlal lines. Some have a separation that is a natural part of the design like the beach scene above. It would be adorable embroidered on personalized beach or swim towels as would the anchor below.

Get the island design >>

Anchor Split Applique

Photos via Bluprint member Embroidery Designs FE

Get the anchor design >>

Split designs for embroidery that’s bigger than your hoop!

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