Finish More Projects With These Speed Knitting Tips

Tips for Speedier Knitting

Are you the kind of knitter who feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day for knitting? If so, you are not alone! Many of us quickly become so consumed by our love of knitting that it can sometimes feel like an addiction. At the same time, there is a limit to how much time any of us can spend on knitting in any single day. So we need to get as much out of those precious knitting moments as we can.

Here are some tips for how to get more knitting done, and faster.

1. Practice, practice practice!

If you are relatively new to knitting, chances are you will be a bit slower at the craft than those with several years of experience. Give yourself a few moments every day to practice working on a project and soon you’ll notice yourself working much faster than before.

2. Check your hands.

If you have the yarn tensioned around or between your fingers, this means that your hands can actually grip the needles without having to “let go” of the yarn. Here is an image of this for the right handed method (English), and this video shows you the left-handed (Continental) version. If you don’t have a method like this yet for yourself, practice a few options see what works for you to work your stitches as efficiently as possible.

3. Try a new technique.

Many of the world’s fastest knitters (including Miriam Tegel – caught here on a knitter’s video are Continental knitters. The Continental or left-handed method of working the knit stitch is a more efficient maneuver than the English or right-handed method, and many Continental knitters can easily turn out a few sweaters in a single month.

Knitting author Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (seen here) uses a style called Irish Cottage knitting, which involves holding one needle under your arm to reduce the amount of movement required by each stitch. Try a different method and see if you can find one you like better.

4. Find hidden knitting time – or hidden knitting places.

Many highly productive knitters report that their output comes not from speed and is not the “world’s fastest,” but that their knitting output comes simply from spending more time with it. It’s not just that hour or more of watching television after dinner that offers productive knitting time, but many different kinds of moments throughout the day.

If you are a commuter who rides transit or as a passenger in a carpool, turning this into knitting time could easily have you finishing a few more projects in a month! Consider what kinds of projects would be good for “waiting around,” and take these with you when you know you will have to wait in line at the bank or post office. Are there small projects that would fit in a desk drawer at your workplace, to be pulled out while on coffee break? All kinds of potential knitting moments fill our day, and making use of them will help you finish projects faster.

Knit faster, knit more!

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