Make Your Own Adorable Snowman Cookies (The Kids Can Help!)

Snowmen cookies are one of my all-time favorite cookies to decorate with kids. You don’t have to be a super talented pastry chef or know exactly how royal icing works. For these cookies, all you need is a good layer of white royal icing and some cute candy to give it personality. Cool!

Happy Little Snowmen Cookie Decorating

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How to decorate snowmen cookies

Supplies you’ll need:

Step 1:

Snowmen Cookie Decorating

Bake your cookies! Once the snowmen are cool, outline each snowman’s body with white royal icing.  Let dry for 10 minutes.

Step 2:

Simple Snowmen Cookies

Next, flood the snowmen’s bodies with white royal icing and leave to dry overnight. 

Step 3:

Simple Little Snowmen Cookies

Outline and flood the center of the hat with sky blue royal icing. 

Step 4:

Fun Snowmen Cookie Decorating

While the icing is still wet, add white dots. Let dry completely. 

Step 5:

Snowmen Cookie Decorating - Gingerbread Cookies with Royal Icing

Use a small amount of white royal icing to glue the snowman’s nose on and arrange the snowflake sprinkles down the snowman’s middle like buttons.

Flood the ball and the brim of the hat with the light sky blue royal icing. Let it dry until the top layer of the icing crusts over (approximately 10-20 minutes).

Gently poke holes with the turkey lacer. This makes the brim and the ball of the hat look textured as if it were knitted. But be careful! If you let the icing dry too long this technique with not be effective. 

Step 6:

Easy Snowmen Cookie Decorating

With the food safe marker, add the mouth and the eyes. 

Step 7:

Easy Snowmen Cookie Decorating with Royal Icing

Using a small amount of white royal icing, glue the holly sprinkles to the brim of the hat, and the snowman cheeks your snowman’s face. 

Step 8:

Snowmen Cookie Decorating Gingerbread Cookies decorated with Royal Icing

Tip: Don’t forget to glue the berry down!

Step 9:

Cute Snowmen Cookie Decorating

Let your snowmen dry completely before you package or stack them. 

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