Sew a Fast & Fun Plant Hanger With Just ½ a Yard of Fabric

Here’s a very “green” idea for your fabric scraps: Sew a potted plant hanger and you can have a garden anywhere!

DIY Plant Holder

DIY plant holder tutorial

What you need:

To get started with this project, you will need about ½ yard of 45″-wide fabric, thread, a ruler and a denim needle or heavy-duty needle for your sewing machine. 

You can mix and match fabrics for a colorful look. I made my example using mid-weight denim, which is sturdy enough to hold a heavy ceramic pot plus the plant and soil. Keep in mind the weight of the item you will be hanging when choosing your fabrics!

Step 1: Cut the fabric strips and base

Step 1 cut 4 strips of fabric

 To start, cut 4 strips of fabric 30″ x 2″.

Step 2 cut two circles

Cut two circles of fabric about 4″ or 5″ in diameter. I used my magnetic pincushion to trace a circle. For a timesaver, you can cut one circle out and then use as a pattern to cut the second, or even fold the fabric and cut two at once.

Step 2: Press the circles

Step 3 press circles

Press the edge of each circle in about ½” to create a clean, finished edge. The circles will be sandwiched together with right sides facing out. If your fabric is very thick, you can skip this step and serge around the edge or just leave as cut. This part of the plant hanger will be hidden underneath the pot and probably unseen.

Step 3: Fold and stitch the straps

Step 4 press and sew straps

Fold in the long edges of each strap about ¼” and press. Then fold the strap in half and stitch closed. 

Step 4: Attach the straps to the base

Step 5 attach straps to circle with text

Attach the straps to one of the circles as shown aboe. Be sure that the straps criss-cross evenly across the circle so the plant hanger will be balanced and hold the pot securely.

Stitch the straps very securely to the circle. If the fabric is not too thick, then stitch them to each other as well. You may need to lengthen your stitch length and even use a tool called a “hump jumper,” which helps your sewing machine foot cope with thick layers. 

Step 5: Stitch second circle

Step 6 sew 2nd circle

Once you’ve attached the straps to the first circle, then place the second circle over it, with right side facing out. Stitch around the edge. 

Step 6: Finish the straps

red pincushion showing plant hanger straps

Place something heavy and round onto the circular base of the plant hanger and pull the straps up vertically. Pin the straps together so that they are evenly pulling at the base of the plant hanger. Stitch them together about 5″ from the end. The ends may not be even, but you can trim them down.

It’s most important that the base is parallel to the ground so the weight of the potted plant will keep it in place when you hang it up.

create loop on plant hanger

After stitching the straps together, create a hanging loop at the end of the straps. You can leave one strap longer and fold it back to create a fabric loop, or you can add a metal ring and stitch that into the loop.

One important note: A potted plant in a ceramic pot with soil can be quite heavy, so make sure your hook is big enough to hold the weight and that the hook is affixed securely.

hanging plant holder vertical view
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