3 Creative Ways to Make Cards With Leftover Paper Scraps

Paper scraps are an inevitable result of paper crafting. Most projects do not call for the use of an entire full sheet of card stock, so more often than not, there are bits and pieces of paper that are left behind when the project is done. Before you toss those leftover pieces of paper scraps into the recycle bin, let me share a few fun scrap paper cards you can make that are perfect for using up those leftovers.

Save those scraps! Here are 3 fun scrap paper cards to make with the leftovers in your stash:

1. Add background color

One of my favorite ways of re-purposing scrap papers is to use them for a background. By layering different pieces of scrap paper under a cut-out, you can add all kinds of colors to a card. It is an easy way to make a card look more interesting.

To make the card pictured above, I cut out the word “HELLO” with my Silhouette Cameo personal electronic die-cutting machine. Using the cut-out as a guide, I arranged and glued the scrap papers down onto the card base. To finish the card, I adhered the cut-out onto the card base with foam tape.

2. Make embellishments

I personally try to refrain from adding too many elements to a card because it may make the card look too busy. However, a simple embellishment can go a long way in making the card look more interesting. One of the easiest ways to make embellishments with paper scraps is to use paper punches and metal dies. Shapes like small circles, hearts or stars are easy to cut out from scraps and use for embellishing a card.

I also like to use small metal dies to make embellishments. Small metal dies are great to use with paper scraps because I can position them wherever I want in order to maximize the use of the scraps. Before putting the metal die and the paper through my Big Shot die-cutting machine, I positioned and stuck the dies onto the scrap paper with removable tape. I like to use washi tapes since they stick well but can be easily removed.

In the birthday card pictured above, the bow above the present was cut out with a metal die. It adds more interest and dimensions to the card than the original flat bow that the pattern for the present came with.

3. Adding variety

You can use up scrap papers quickly by cutting out multiples of the same shape. Basic shapes like squares and circles are great for making geometric cards.

To make the card above, I start by cutting the card front from white card stock and a metal die. Next, I stuck different pieces of scrap papers onto the metal die with washi tape. The colored stars were cut out in one go when I rolled the die-cut/paper setup through my Big Shot die-cutter. Color is added to the card when the white stars were replaced by the colored ones that were cut out from the scrap papers.  A stamped greeting attached to the card by foam tape completes the project.

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  1. linda Bennett
    linda Bennett

    You keep referring to the cards you made using left over paper scraps, and I don’t see them. I learn by seeing, is there a photo of your cards? Thanks.